Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]
Forty-ninth day festival(TV)[2014]

《Forty-ninth day festival》Ep32:Episode thirty-second Wang sister is buried in the church

The priest insisted on the rules of the church to not let them buried Wang XiaoMei in the church, he can temporarily take Yu Mo and others, but they must keep the rules of the church. Fa Bi advised Father Ingmar to tolerate, Father still refused. Yu Mo alone came to the church yard digging ready to bury Wang XiaoMei, she cried while digging collapsed, Fa Bi came to the yard to help her dig together. After burying Wang XiaoMei, everyone gathered together to hold the holy lamp, reading the bible blessing for her. Fa Bi aside eulogy, Wang XiaoMei is a good girl, her soul and body are clean, do not let her go to eat hard to swallow potatoes when she arrives, let her taste the delicious candy, let her She wears her new clothes and reunites with her family, and everyone is weighed down by Fa Bi's eulogy. Yu Mo dances with Fa Bi on the bell tower at night, Yu Mo realizes that Dai Tao is dead, Fa Bi tells her that Dai Tao is alive, Yu Mo asks Fa Bi where Dai Tao lives now, Fa Bi said that as long as Dai Tao is alive and alive. Pu Sheng looked at where Wang XiaoMei was buried. He planned to leave the church like Li QuanYou and Dai Tao to go out to despise the Japanese army. Dou Kou advised him not to leave. Now he is going to die. Pu Kou hugged Pu Sheng who insisted on leaving, Pu Sheng cried, saying she was incompetent, and Dou Kou said she would always stay with Pu Sheng anyway. Dou Kou saw Chun Chi playing a fortune telling, she let Chun Chi help her and Pu Sheng fortune-telling, red damask satire Chun Chi will only be considered useless, and finally did not know where to die, and now there are Thinking of fortune-telling, Chun Chi said that there is George covered with red damask, and naturally do not have to worry about lost life. Two women argued, Chun Chi out of the cellar, afraid she was Japanese army found, George quickly sent her back. Red Aya eat potatoes no appetite, Chun Chi picked up the rest of the red Aya potatoes eat, Yu Xiao let Chun Chi do not eat red Aya rice, Chun Chi ridiculed Red Aya now open a small stove to open more, but do not see On these potatoes, angry red damask potatoes picked up one into Chun Chi's mouth. Late at night, Pu Sheng and Dou Kou sneaked out of the church with their luggage and pipa.

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