Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep1:episode 1

Over the years, the image of the snow festival has been showing up in Qi Yuan's mind, but in reality this is not the case. He apologized to An Qi in his heart because An Qi treated her wholeheartedly and took her for himself. Ding told Qi Yuan to say good morning, Qi Yuan told them, pay attention to things must pay attention to something greet oneself. Ye Fan came to the French school, looking at everything she was feeling very excited. When Qi Fei and others were playing basketball, Ye Fan took the luggage and passed through the stadium. Qi Fei accidentally collided with them. When Fei was about to fall, Qi Fei stepped forward to lift her. Ye Fan not only Instead of thanking Qi Fei, she accused Qi Fei of not looking into her eyes. After she asked Qi Fei, where is the music classroom? Qi Fei let her go quickly and said everyone is playing. Ye Fan can not help but look forward to show off their skills before, and everyone sees her with admiration. Qi Fei spoke to Ye Fan about the address of the classroom and said she was miserable because she also dared to be late for Professor Qi's music history. As soon as Ye Fan heard this, she ran away in an emergency and left her baggage to Qi Fei for custody. Qi Yuan shouted at the door when Qi Yuan was in class, and Qi Yuan accused her of missing her in the first half of the class, so she thought she knew everything when Qi Fei carried her luggage and dropped her luggage to Ye Fan, can not help but laugh when you see the underwear coming out. Qi Yuan accused Qi Fei of trying to collude with freshmen to deliberately break his class? So angrily stay him in class here, let Ye Fan and Qi Fei left to answer. Qi Fei and Ye Fan rush to answer because Qi Fei has been robbed with him and Ye Fan lets him ring his head angrily. When we hear Ye Fan successfully answering the question, he can not help but clap her hand in praise of her. Qi Fan accused Qi Fei of being too unselfish after class and unexpectedly answering a new student. Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of being too arrogant to shut himself up. Ye Fan asks Qi Fei what does Qi Yuan have to do with him? Qi Fei does not say that Ye Fan spoke of Qi Yuan as his brother ... Qi Fei accused her of investigating her own background while Ye Fan said he was investigating the background of the school before he came. An TingWei went up to say hello to Ye Fan and removed Qi Fei, saying that Ye Fan would give it to himself. An TingWei visits Ye School with her school, and happens to hit Qi Fei. When she learns that Ye Fan did not find a place to reside, Qi Fei introduced her to distant relatives Bei Si, who had just a very large apartment and was looking for a roommate. Bei Si approached Ye Fan to say hello, and Ye Fan praised her for being beautiful. Ye Fan fears he can not afford the rent here and says his tuition fees are based on scholarships. Bei Si told Ye Fan that the house does not have to pay rent, and Ye Fan feels it is too unrealistic to accept it. Qi Fei approached accused Ye Fan of her mother-in-law, and Ye Fan decided to stay here. Shanghai: Sister Whitehead called sister Meng Hua to get up, see my sister or wearing old clothes, sea flowers can not help but accuse her, and let her change clothes to the interview. The nurse stopped Haihua, let her today transferred to the 7106 ward, because the old man three days away 11 nurses, Hai-Hua asked why she throwing uncertain nurses to himself?Nurse said she was so powerful, said Geng KeYi's medical record to her, the man stepped forward to see the medical records, Hayashi stop, and asked him personally to ask the patient what disease. The man concluded that Hay Wah will not be out in the ward for more than three minutes. Niece wife has been wandering around Geng KeYi, prompting him very annoying, when Haihua into the ward, she said he was his 12th, if he then drove myself, then it will be a hapless 13th ... ... Geng KeYi's nephew-wife accused Haihua of how dare to speak with Uncle so she was driven out. Geng KeYi stopped Haihua but said she would let her do the unlucky job. Haihua stopped and put forward four conditions, Geng nephew wife to catch Haihua go, Geng KeYi stop, and drove away the hypocritical nephew wife. Hwa Hua walked with Geng KeYi and Geng KeYi said that in her own life, only one who dared to speak to oneself, but he also gone, and her, on the 12th, can be regarded as their own appetite. Haihua said he also considered his own appetite. The man stopped in front of Haihua, she forced to take a motorcycle to leave. Haihua shouted at his neck, the man said that at this rate, she would not call anyone know. After getting off the Haihua cursed man is a stink rogue kidnapping yourself? The man said she held her on the train so tight, be kidnapped it? Haihua did not agree to talk to him, and when she was about to leave she found it sparsely populated and stopped. Man told Hai-Hua Guru KeYi's condition, Hai-Hua said he is a word will not tell him, because it is their own professional ethics, not to mention he is Mo flow crazy (inexplicable, rogue, crazy ), The man heard a happy, and said she is high Lingshi (arrogant, stubborn boulders). Because Haihua said firmly, so the man left her alone to enjoy the night scene.

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