Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Cast

Huo Hua/YeFan Sheng Li Play)

Chinese heart nursery school sparks. In search of Sister Snow, she came to the French Music School to retaliate with Qi Yuan, black-angel incarnation and close to Qi Fei. Ye Fan's fate has always been entangled in the love between love and painful vengeance. Finally, the debut of the black angel, and finally know the truth of the death of snowflakes, and Qi Fei's love has long been difficult to heal, leaving France to return to Shanghai, in order to pay off his father's debt, running around, eventually the four sisters recognize, Spark and Qi Fei held a grand wedding.

Sheng Li

Li Sheng, born September 10, 1985 in Shaodong County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, mainland China actress and singer, graduated from Hunan University of Technology. In 2002, Li Sheng officially debuted for participating in Hunan Satellite TV talent show Golden Eagle Star. In 2004, starring love idol movie "Love Sea." In 2005, starred in love idol drama "basketball tribes"; the same year, in the youth idol drama "affectionate password" plays Jiang Ling. In 2006, starred in love idol drama "Leica Frog Prince." In 2007 March, starred in the romantic comedy movie "chase love story"; April, in the love movie "parting is also love" in shanshan. In 2008, starred in love drama "human fireworks." In 2009, starred in the love idol drama "Calling the Big Star." In 2010, starring costume comedy "Comedy Princess" New My Fair Princess in May, in the urban drama "from love" as a tomato. In April 2011, starring in costume light comedy "weirdo Ouyang Tak"; October, starring costume palace play "Allure Love." January 2012, won the sixth annual Tencent Star Ceremony Annual Film and Television Newcomer Award; March, released his debut album "OMG Oh buy embarrassed"; April, won the 12th annual Billboard Music Festival New Music Award. In 2013, Yao Mulan was played in the love drama "The New Beijing Hua Yun" in the Republic of China. In January 2014, starring in classical love drama "Sansu legend"; January 16, won the third Golden Eagle mango screen light selected the most mango actress. In 2015, starring in the war drama "sister in law sister-in-law." In 2016, plays a thousand shades in the costume fantasy drama "Fantasy City". In 2017, starring urban emotional drama "race florida future."

Qi Fei Ray Play)

Qi Yuan's younger brother, the school girls in the French music school has been longing for the prince. When Qi Fei encounters Ye Fan, he is gradually attracted by Ye Fan. He becomes a beautiful accident in Ye Fan's life and leaves Ye Fan in a dilemma of affection and love. When Ye Fan's identity as a black angel was revealed, Ye Fan thought she only used her own to hurt her brother and broke it. Finally, unable to let go of Ye Fan, went to Shanghai to find, and staggered to promote the reunion of four flowers.


Ray Chang (Ray), formerly known as Zhang Hangrui, was born on April 7, 1987 in Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. He is a film and television actor, pop singer and presenter in the Mainland of China. He graduated from the Undergraduate Class 06 in the Central Academy of Drama. In 2010, starred in the first personal drama "Dream of Red Mansions", which officially entered the showbiz. 2011, in the costume love comedy "New My Fair Princess" played five elder brother Aixinjueluo Yongqi; the same year, starring costume legend drama "Sui and Tang hero." In 2012, he was awarded "Best New Year Male Films of the Year" by the "6th Tencent Star Ceremony"; subsequently, he played the leading role in the urban suspense drama "Flowers Non-Fog Non-Fog". In 2013, the debut album "Ray Chang" was released. In the same year, she was the host of Sichuan TV's outdoor reality show "Two Days and One Night." In 2014, she won the Mainland's Most Popular Newcomer Award in the "MusicRadio China Top Charts". In 2015, starring urban fashion inspirational drama "hello tomorrow." May 23, 2016, starring in the costume martial arts "Xian Zhi Yun of Van" premiere in Hunan Satellite TV; the same year, starring costume legendary drama "dominated the world."

Xue Hua/AnQi Ruby Lin Play)

She is the snowflake of Hua Xin Nursery School. She went to France with her aunt when she was 15 years old. In France, she met Qi Yuan, a man she was destined to love, but she chose him sparingly and made her a godfather. Far from the French sparks to find the eldest sister, awakened her life's will, although the future is not easy, but the snow will still be strong to face.

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin Xinru (Chinese: 林心如; pinyin: Lín Xīnrú; born January 27, 1976) is a Taiwanese actress, television and film producer, and singer. American entertainment critic Derek Elley named Lin as "Taiwan's TV Drama Queen".

Qi Yuan Joo Jin-mo Play)

The oldest son of the opera house owner is also the heir. One day, he met her - snowflakes, two people love each other for opera performances. However, Snow unfortunately unfortunately sick, Qi Yuan in order to meet the wishes of snowflakes, designed the death of An Qi. The last spark to expose the truth, the two eventually married.

Joo Jin-mo

Joo Jin-mo (born Park Jin-tae on 11 August 1974), is a South Korean actor.

More《Flowers In Fog》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Qian Wan Spray / White Sea China Lang Hua, then Hua Xin Nursery. In order to make money, she lived in Geng and became a home nurse of Geng KeYi. After getting into Geng family, she kept in constant friction with Geng's son, and finally helped Geng KeYi with Geng RuoChen and fell in love with Geng RuoChen.
Yuanhao Yao Geng RuoChen Geng KeYi only child. Break with my father because of the death of my mother and my relationship with my first girlfriend. After the help in Haihua and father, and fell in love with his father's family nurse Bai Haihua
Ziqi Gao Han Li Geng RuoChen classmate, Bai Menghua colleagues. White Dream, in pursuit of her. Finally, unable to get her heart. Ye Fan, who returned home and later became a friend, saw Qi Fei determined not to repeat the tragedy of the last romance and to pro-Ye Fan. Han Li a move to allow four sisters to recognize, is the suspense throughout the play. Finally, the star restaurant Du QiuShui pianist love.
Andy Yang Fireworks / White Dream Yan Hua of Huaxin Nursery School Because her sister, Bai Haihua, had educated her from childhood, she became a young, lively, happy and simple but strong girl, which led to the pursuit of her colleagues Han Li and Xu Hao. Finally chose Xu Hao.
Lun Deng Xu Hao Bai Menghua colleagues. White Dream, in pursuit of her. He is the dream of Crawford, to help solve the problem of career dreams, the pursuit of Meng Hua Han Li as the thorn in the face, the final win of Bai Menghua's heart.
Vicky Bei Si Chinese-French half-breed, Qi Fei distant cousin, Ye Fan girlfriends. And Qi Fei's fellow friend An TingWei love each other.
Chengyu Han An TingWei Qi Fei started his career as a buddy. When Ye Fan first entered the Oriental Art Institute, he was in love with Ye Fan because of Ye Fan's stunt ball at first sight. He was snatched away by Qi Fei and later fell in love with Ye Fan's girlfriend Bei Si.
De-kai Liu Geng KeYi No introduction
Wanqian Deng Zheng Yun No introduction
Tianqi Bao Shao Xuan No introduction
Flora Qin En No introduction
Ying Zhang Du QiuShui No introduction
Qingzhuo Fang Xu Mu No introduction
Zhao Wei Geng PeiZhong No introduction
Huimin Tao Bao YuYuanZhang No introduction
Gabrielle Guan An Qi No introduction
(None) Ye Fan No introduction
Shao Min Ye Mu No introduction
Song Zi overseas Ji AiXia No introduction
Xiaowen Xiong Zhou WenJuan No introduction
Điền Hằng Lei Na No introduction
Deboran Tang MiShu No introduction
(None) Xiao Wei No introduction
(None) Liang Zong No introduction
(None) Song MingChao No introduction
(None) Lao Zhao No introduction
Chen Xuming Lao Li No introduction
Zhang Liqiu Li Sao No introduction
(None) Han Zong No introduction
(None) Gu LvShi No introduction
(None) Huang ZhuRen No introduction
Lu Kai Chen KeZhang No introduction
(None) Guo JingLi No introduction
Hong Zhou Zhang Sao No introduction
(None) Lang Hua No introduction
(None) Yan Hua No introduction
Fengyu Yang Liu Ming No introduction
(None) Guo LaoShi No introduction
Zhang Yi 菡 Financing company manager No introduction
Ren Min Lin ZhuRen No introduction
(None) Xiao Kai No introduction

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