Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

On the way back Ye Fan asked about the castle about An Qi things, causing Qi Fei drove almost crash. Ting Wei and Bei Si asked Ye Fan about the castle. Ye Fan said Professor Qi is a complicated and confusing figure, so he must think well. Qi Fei plays various parts of his face and tells Ye Fan that it loves him. Bei Si accuses Ting Wei of seeing people like Qi Fei and how much Ye Qi is good for Ye Fan. If the dust to go home from work, Haihua stepped forward to say hello, if the dust hurriedly left, Haihua thought, that the original flower is meaningless, is self-made beloved nothing more. Hai Hua returned to the room, saw the flower above the table, as well as the letter "tough" love letter. If dust came over, she asked if she decided to admit it. He is here to teach her to kiss. Haihua said he did not recognize the plan, to be left if the dust when the wave of the sea door approached, and stepped forward to kiss him. If the dust is a pity, because such a woman met her this bad man, Haihua to stop him say it again, and let him teach himself to kiss, finish the two kiss and hug together. Qi Yuan found An Qi's room was moving, he guessed Ye Fan must have come, is it Qi Fei help her? At this moment the song sounded, and Qi Yuan remembered An Qi, remembered the scene when he himself strangled An Qi. If both Dimo ​​and Haihua muttered, Geng KeYi asked if they had any secrets to hide from themselves? At the same time he mentioned that X-ray eyeing him? If the dust said that there is no X-ray now, at the same time he proposed to bring Meng Hua to play at home. See Qi Fei four people talking and laughing, standing behind Qin En looked angry. Since her visit to the ancient castle, Ye Fan has a knack for Qi Yuan. She does not want to accompany him. Qi Fei asked her to let her forget her for her childhood. When Qin Fan received a intimate photo of Qin En and Qi Fei, she was very surprised. At that time, Qin En called and accused him of being a third party. Ye Fan accused her of plotting the technology too. Qin En Say that you have a CD in your hand and let him go to the grove behind the school tomorrow at two o'clock in the afternoon. Qin En sent a photo to Ye Fan when Ye Fan learned that she was being followed. Ye Fan went alone to the appointment, and soon she fell into the trap. Qin En not only failed to let Ye Fan, but instead covered the lid. Mencius went to the rainy day a few people, she accidentally talked about their own orphan things, the sea to tell them about their Hua Xinhua four things. Geng KeYi said that now everyone will have a new task to help their sisters find the other two flowers. Han Li said he has extensive contacts in Europe and that if they say that the two companies will help their sisters to start a needle in a haystack, Ye Fan wants to escape, but fell again, and captivated her eyes, she wanted to use a cell phone for help, but there is no signal. Qi Fei anxiously looking for Ye Fan, while guessing where she went in the end. Ye Fan was trapped in the cellar for two hours, and she felt breathing more and more difficult, when she heard the cry of a wailing crooner, crouching and crying. Qi Fei and others still could not find Ye Fan, he speculated that Ye Fan must have been an accident.At this moment, Qi Fei three people received a text message, so Qi Fei hurried to the woods, while Bei Si and Tingwei two hurry to find the police dog. If dust let Haihua mentally prepared, because he had spent so much alcohol with her like that, she rubbed the sparks. Haihua asked if the dust, is to compliment yourself or compliment yourself. Because Haihua brought up Ji AiXia's name, if she approached and kissed him, she said she would punish her every time she made a mistake. Qi Fei and Kevin and others went to the woods with police dogs, and because there was no Ye Fan stuff, Qi Fei let the police dog smell the smell of himself. Ye Fan kept crying in the cellar. She said that if he did not let Qi Fei follow, he was afraid he could see his true face. If he saw his true face, would he continue to love himself? When she suddenly heard the voice of Qi Fei and others, she shouted.

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