Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep43:Episode 43

Ye Fan asks Han Li, he really wants to move out, and he will not marry anyone for a year. Everyone is free during the year. Forgive his waywardness. Han Li knew he could not change Ye Fan's decision to leave Xu Hao with the gift. Han Li told Qi Fei that he had not fought since he was a kid, but now he really wants to play Qi Fei and let Xu Hao play as much weight as he can. Qi Fei told Han Li a great deal of heroic heroism. We all have a year to play and we are the most respectable opponents of any kind. Suddenly a few policemen came to Ji AiXia in the rainy day, and the police searched a lot of drugs in the bar. When Ji AiXia heard from Li Sao that the police came, they had to flee and take Xiao Wei to take care of Hayward. The police caught Ji AiXia, who had to flee from the backyard. Ji AiXia asked Jolie if he believed the drug was left by his guests and said Geng PeiZhong was fraudulently seeking help from Haihua. Ji AiXia know this may not have the chance to come out and seek Haihua to take care of Xiao Wei. Ye Fan finally moved home, Xu Hao and Meng Hua also helped. When Qi Fei heard of Xu Hao had defeated Han Li and got Meng Hua, they quickly asked for advice. Meng Hua told Ye Fan that it always felt like he had seen his own relatives. Meng Hua took Ye Fan and told her to choose Qi Fei, although Han Li is good too, but Qi Fei is right for her. MengHua know in fact, in the heart of Ye Fan must also love and love Qi Fei. Qi Yuan sent the violin pulled by Ye Fan in the castle to Ye Fan. Qi Fei also told Ye Fan that this was her last restaurant show. Qi Fei enrolled Ye Fan in a number of violin contests and customized a training program for Ye Fan. Ji AiXia In this way to leave the heart of Haihua sad, Haihua will not fall under the stone Jean Ruo dust must find a way to save her. Qi Fei reported five matches to Ye Fan and invited a world-class teacher to help her. She also reported three matches with Ye Fan Qi Fei. Qi Fan did not owe him and Qi Yuan more than Han Li, Qi Fei called Qi Yuan and asked if his video was ready. Qi Yuan prepares video equipment in France In the Snowflake's ward, Ye Fan was thrilled to see the snowflakes, and Qi Yuan gave a double talk. Ye Fan simply could not refuse everything they had arranged. Snow also told Ye Fan to take on the challenge, asking for that spark of strong violin. Qi Fei performed the last show with Ye Fan in the restaurant, and Han Li knew it was all done by Qi Fei, but Ye Fan was really happy. In the early morning of the next day, Qi Fei called out to run Ye Fan for a morning run. Not only did Morning Run back to Ye Fan for a three-nutrition diet. Qi Fei personally Ye Fan for breakfast, energy soup, that taste of Ye Fan a die. Qi Fei is a fan of Ye Fan. Qi Fei visited Professor Warren Dan with Ye Fan, and when she met Valentine, she said she would let Ye Fan take some time to listen to her. If she was not qualified, she would not accept the student. I did not expect to hear Ye Fan pull up the violin is that Valentin constantly say it again.

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