Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep46:Episode 46

Qi Fei drove to see if the dust with the sea of ​​love, Geng KeYi laments and said he should find something to do, it is better to learn to learn a national dance label to find his wife, Hayward said he was so handsome certainly no problem. Haihua put on the wedding dress Geng KeYi father and son to see, Geng KeYi said that if the dust stole his 12th, so let him knelt down to his kowtow to express his gratitude, if the dust is that Haihua is moved by their own because Take care of him. Haihua scold two people, if the dust that Haihua is a syndrome of distractions syndrome, Haihua stepped forward to his ears, if the dust for his wife forgive me and Haihua fight slapstick up. Xiao Wei came running to say that her mother was very pretty. Haihua listened to this very touching, and if the dust let Xiao Wei keep calling her mother. If dust and father upstairs lunch break, Haihua heart thinking, this painting should be happiness. Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of what happened today, so he must report to the judo class for training. Ye Fan said he would listen to his arrangement even if he was exhausted. Qi Fei extends her finger to see Ye Fan. When Qi Fei sees her fingers, Ye Fan asks why he does not know how to protect himself. Qi Fei said she is not enough time to protect her, how to take care of themselves. During her judo training, Ye Fan was constantly beaten down by Qi Fei, complaining that she would not practice again and Qi Fei stepped forward to lift her up. Qi Fei asks Xu Hao, have you supervised them again? Xu Hao exclaimed, was he seen through it? No wonder he is a snitch. Qi Fei asks him what a snitch is, and Xu Hao speaks to him of the title of the dust. Xu Hao advised Qi Fei with a series of jingles, ignoring the name of the director behind him, as long as he lived happily. Haihua home, Meng Hua asked why she came back? Haihua said he would not come back again, I am afraid this home is not their home. Hsu mother talked about, they had wanted to rent a house outside, because the two of them live together not married is not good. Haihua said he came back is for this matter, let Menghua moved to the rainy day to live with myself. Xu mother said his words have not finished yet, they have to take a serious approach to the small dream, now look at a word of Haihua. Haihua asked Meng Hua do not want to get married now? Meng Hua said that he did not consider it well, Xu Hao said nervously that he is a true little dream, she would not marry him if he is better to hit the wall. Haihua Dreams have a clear approach, after she asked Menghua recently paid rent not yet? Xu mom laughed, then said he had to talk to the landlord, rent things do not bother them anymore. Because Ye Fan has been wrong, Warren denounced her stupid, Qi Fei asked the professor to give Ye Fan a chance, because she was under pressure. Ye Fan accused Qi Fei of blaming him for letting himself participate in any ghost game. Qi Fei two people have been arguing on the road, accidentally knocked a man into the car. When Qi Fei alerted the police, a thief stole the bag from his car and the police arrived. Liu Ming argued that they should be sent to the hospital quickly and confessed that they should not let the perpetrators run away. When Qi Fei took out the driver's license, Qi Fei suddenly remembered that all his belongings had been stolen and the police let him back to the police for investigation.Ye Fan called and asked for help. Qi Fei confessed not to look for Han Li, but to look for Xu Hao and Meng Hua because her sister-in-law would certainly have a lawyer. Qi Fei took out a foreign ATM card to prove that he was back from overseas. The police questioned him for any other evidence? At this time, if the dust and Han Li and others came to prove Qi Fei's identity. Meng Hua suddenly remembered that before Qi Fei had lived in the Hujiang Hotel, the hotel would certainly have a copy of his passport. Just as the police planned to put Qi Fei on, the policewoman came forward and Liu Ming said that Qi Fei had deliberately hit him So, to tell him to deliberately hurt. Qi Fei speculates that this is a fake car accident, really enriching, took the opportunity to rob. Ruofei feel Ye Fan good face, and later remembered in the hospital when she met her. Liu Ming had been crying there for a long time, and the doctor said nothing had been done except for some abrasions on his knees. See Han Li They come over, Liu Ming and deliberately cry pain, acting in front of them. Han Li asked Liu Ming how much compensation? Liu Ming said he did not want compensation, as long as the boy jailed. Han Li proposed to give him fifty thousand, Liu Ming, but less money, and determined to Qi Fei jail.

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