Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep37:Episode 37

Xu Hao and Bai Menghua come back from get off work, Xu Mu half done meals to the table, warmly greet Bai Menghua eat, completely ignoring his son sitting aside, Bai Menghua want to keep slim do not want to eat too much food, she directed at Xu Hao Winking eyes, Xu Jie will be pleased to immediately complain about the mother is very good for Bai Meng-hua, completely forgot to himself, then finished the mother handed Bai Meng-hua's dishes into their own face, Bai Menghua took the opportunity to urge Xu Hao to eat more food Body care. Xu Mu did not know what was in the minds of two people. She disclosed that she had to talk to Bai Menghua, and when she was finished she left the table and returned with an envelope to reveal that she had to pay rent in the white family for several months. Bai Menghua did not Accept Xu Mu's money because Xu Mu has been working on housework. Qi Fei bitterly persuaded Ye Fan to return to her side. Ye Fan did not agree. Qi Fei knew Han Li was a third party. He pointed out that Ye Fan did not really like Han Li. Ye Fan still disagreed with the compound . Geng KeYi summoned his men and told him that although he handed over the equity to Geng RuoChen, he still held the management rights of some small companies. Someone disclosed that the parent-child testing done by Xiao Wei before Xiao Wei was illegal. If Geng really To find out Xiao Wei's bloodline must be implemented through legal means, Geng KeYi agreed with the men's proposal, decided to re-test Xiao Wei's DNA in the future. Geng KeYi talks with Bai Haihua outside the courtyard. Geng KeYi respects Bai Haihua's position. After his proposal, Baihaihua and Geng RuoChen quarrel. They can speak out and scold him. Baihaihua see Geng Keyi encouraged himself to teach Geng RuoChen. KeYi is like a child, revealing that it is very interesting to talk with Bai Haihua. Qi Yuan called Qi Fei and answered on the phone, Qi Fei said again, revealing that she could not get her heart back and after hanging up, he came to the bathroom and took the stomachache and took out what Ye Fan had traversed before A shirt, distraught, sitting on the couch in the living room miss Ye Fan. Ye Fan also recalls her time at home with Qi Fei. At this moment, the phone sends a message. When she opens her voice message with Qi Fei, she listens to Qi Fei's sincere voice, and she feels very sad , Until the end of the voice content, Qi Fei called to chat with Ye Fan. Bai Haihua teamed up with Geng RuoChen and Xiao Wei's mother. Xiao Wei's mother learned that Bai Haihua was checking her son's condition and thought it was Geng RuoChen's idea. So he called Geng RuoChen and Geng RuoChen revealed on the phone that he did not make any arrangements Bai Haihua visited Xiao Wei and after hanging up the phone, he found Bai Haihua asking why. Baihaihua did not deny that Xiao Wei had sent the medicine to Xiao Wei's mother before. Han Li invited a nanny, intends to take care of Ye family mother and daughter diet, Ye Fan is very grateful to Han Li, then Qi Fei find door, until Ye family open the door, he suddenly found Han Li is present, neutral Sink.

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