Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

Episode: 54 Area: China
Stars: Sheng Li Ray Ruby Lin More>> Language:
Director: Yangguo Ding Li Yan Year: 2013
Writer: Yao Chiung Genre: Drama
Producer: Xiuqiong He

《Flowers In Fog》Episodes

Sixteen years ago, snowflakes (big sister), Lang Hua (second sister), spark (third sister) and Yan Hua (fourth sister) of Hua Xin Orphanage had their own musical genius. Care each other, known as "heart four flowers." Fifteen-year-old snowflake, was living overseas aunt picked up. Then, sparks were adopted by Yeh, Lang Hua and Yan Hua remained in the orphanage, and four flowers of Hua Xin were forced to separate. Sixteen years later, Ye Fan (Li Sheng) visited the French Oriental Art Academy to study violin in search of the whereabouts of An Qi (Ruby Lin) and fell in love with the campus prince Qi Fei (Ray Chang). Sixteen years later Lang Hua (Qian Wan), a nurse, was admitted to Geng Kee Rainforest as a special nurse for Geng KeYi. Geng RuoChen (Yao Yuanhao), the only son of Geng KeYi (Roy ornaments), is a prodigal son. Haihua father and son in the two, played a messenger, but also let myself stuck in love. Sixteen years later, Yan Hua (Zi Meng Hua and Zi Yang) was carefully nurtured and sunlit by her childhood. At the same time she was pursued by her colleague Xu Hao (Deng Lun) and Han Li (Jiame Gao), staged a Ferocious funny stories of life. Fog non-fog (the) stills Ye Fan back to Shanghai still did not see the last side of his father. In the face of the debt left by her father, she rushes around for support. The painful Qi Fei came to Shanghai to find Ye Fan, at this time lovelorn Han Li and the downturn of Ye Fan have become friends. In the face of Geng's storm, the performance of Hayward Geng family father and son scrutinize, sea Wah become the cause of success if the cause of the dust. Meng Hua and Xu Hao enjoy the world of two, Xu Mu with a few hens to go, mother-in-law ahead of move, a warm. One of Han Li's moves made Ye Fan, Hayward, and Dreamweaver recognize each other, and Qi Yuan (Joo Jin-mo) in France used the video to witness this touching reunion. Ye Fan to participate in music competition, but because of wrist fractures can not participate. Qi Fei won the Piano Competition. Three months later, Ye Fan won the championship. Qi Fei abandons French and Ye Fan to settle down in Shanghai. Both often tour the Chinese for unlimited glory. Ye Fan, Haihua, Meng Hua came to France, Qi held a wedding ceremony. Diversity plot sources

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