Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep31:Episode 31

Qi Fei hurried to find Bei Si and asked her why Ye Fan came back so anxiously. Both Bei Si and Ting Wei did not tell him the truth. They just said they sent Ye Fan to the airport. Bei Si asked him if he was in conflict with Ye Fan. Qi Fei said bitterly that Ye Fan was so crispy that he had forgotten to clean her and then let it go. Bei Si hesitated to tell him the truth. Qi Yuan knew something strange about returning to China without saying anything. He did not know how to tell An Qi. Qi Fei angrily said that he has nothing to do with Ye Fan and does not care about anything about Ye Fan. He wants to play with Ting Wei and find his vitality. Qi Yuan found him incomprehensible. Qi Fei played the game but remembered the encounter with Ye Fan scene, Ye Fan's skills make them speechless. Qi Fei controls her memories and tries to tell herself a scam. He left angrily and the students swept away. Qi Fei did not even have a heartbeat phone call when he got home, and he was full of Ye Fan. He told himself his enemies were still there and he had not beat him yet. Qi Fei played the piano, but she hated her when she was talking about singing or thinking of the two together. Ye Fan met the dweller at home, his father owed two hundred thousand people, the creditor saw the father was dead very angry, so that the parent debt compensation, playing Ye Fan slap tricks Ye Fan to sell her money. Ye Fan hit him and asked him to give her a loan, and she would pay if it was a loan borrowed by her father. Ye Fan confirmed later said he did not two hundred thousand, but will be paid in installments, the two wrote a letter of agreement, creditors this let go. Ye Fan to find students help find a job autumn water, jokingly said she should find a rich second generation marry, the two slapstick decided to cooperate with a group of bands, and then save the Star Bar. They went to the bar together, Ye Fan's one conquered the boss, the other readily agreed, but three thousand a month. Ye Fan said she had to make 6,000 a month, so I hope my boss will help introduce several bar racks. Geng KeYi go home, and Haihua fought mouth, family fun, if the dust, then rest assured. Xu Hao is working, Han Li and Meng Hua came to see the situation, a metal plate fell, saw it would hit Meng Hua and Han Li, he quickly pushed the two, but he was smashed legs, Meng Hua see him Looks anxious to cry endlessly. Ye Fan went to work at the bar and let her use her computer for a while. She sent Qi Yuan a letter telling him he would not return to France. Qi Yuan looked at her letter and found out that she did not mention Qi Fei in any single word, knowing that Ye Fan still hated Qi Fei. Qi Fei goes horse riding and unknowingly rides to the spot where he and Ye Fan rode horses. He began to resent and start struggling to begin self-restraint. His heart had already departed from Ye Fan. Xu Hao did not want to go home with the plaster plaster, because he worried that Meng Hua was chased by Han Li. Hear Xu Hao saying that Han Li was ridiculous, but he was extremely grateful to him for trying to save himself. He told Xu Hao he won and admitted he was defeated by Xu Hao. Han Li said he was moved by Xu Hao so quit because he saw the heart of Meng Hua Xu Hao there.Xu Hao bluntly Han Li can afford to put it down, Han Li embarrassed to say there was no place for him, Meng Hua a bit embarrassed. Han Li said Xu Hao went to the hospital every day, but also to Meng Hao Xu Hao to eat, Xu Hao laughed and said his legs off straight. Xu Hao was very happy at MengHua, because MengHua took care of him carefully. Haihua sent meals to the office and heard that if Riocheng grunts with Geng PeiZhong and knew that Geng PeiZhong's client grabbed his employee and then called to talk to him, Ruochen said he could handle it. Haihua mentions that their company's stranded clothing can be sold out and their hospital nurses will certainly be very interested. If the dust says he has dealt with it earlier, Haihua's proposal reminds him that they should design some clothing for the East Female

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