Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep2:Episode 2

Ye Fan and Bei Si both rode their bikes. Ye Fan, riding on a cell phone, rode Qi Fei's car and Qi Fei got off to see it. She took her to the car and went to the doctor's office to see it. Ye Fan said he did not want to take his car. When he touched him, Qi Fei said he was just his nemesis. Ye Fan quarreled twice. Bei Si asked two questions. Crashed into a car so hurt actually still quarrel? Qi Fei sent her a seatbelt while Ye Fan got off and lay on the ground. Qi Fei approached her to go to school, and the students joked that Qi Fei's approach to new life was different. The doctor told Ye Fan that her knee was injured, at least for ten days using crutches. Students come to call Qi Fei, because many new things waiting for him to solve. Qi Fei invited Ye Fan to see the greeting party. Ye Fan asked him if he would not let him go to the welcome party on cane. Qi Fei announced the welcome meeting will be held after ten days. Bei Si guessed Qi Fei would not be interested in Ye Fan? Ye Fan chatted and talked to two people who talked about Qi Yuan, Bei Si said after Qi Yuan's girlfriend died, her soul was left inside the castle ... ... Qi Yuan's girlfriend was informed that An Qi Ye Fan could not help feeling emotionally excited and asked Bei Si about the cause of her death. Bei Si did not know either. Ye Fan asked her about the Chinese name of An Qi, and Bei Si said she looked like snowflake. Ye Fan heard here not stunned, and at this time she remembered a child with a few people in the orphanage Snow scene. Qi Yuan went to school, he thought, people can invent aircraft, invented the subway ... ... why can not make time backwards? At this moment, he remembered what happened before: Qi Qi drove back while managing flowers, and both of them were happy together. Qi Yuan chases An Qi and runs in the yard and tells her she can not leave her for more than two days. It is her own limit, and when the two of them are together they kissed and kissed together. Qi Yuan wondered what way he could use to revive An Qi? And he is willing to use all the wealth in exchange for her resurrection. Suddenly he found the card on the ground. After reading the card, he remembered An Qi. Then he ordered Tang MiShu to see who inserted the card in the door. Qi Fei saw the card and thought it was only a school prank, so she wanted to discard the card. Qi Yuan stopped it, and the person who wrote the card directed it at him. Qi Fei invited his brother to welcome the ball, maybe his mood will be better. At the welcome ball, everyone was cheering, and only Qi Yuan sat there and drank silence. Ye Fan wants to come forward to say hello to Qi Yuan, Bei Si and Ting Wei stop, and said that made everyone happy. Ting Wei and Ye Fan dance waltz waltz, everyone clapped, Bei Si stepped forward and Ting Fan dance with Ye Fan, Qi Fei praised Ye Fan is not simple, then he proposed to the court, split up Ye Fan and Bei Si, jump with them. Qi Fei and Ye Fan danced, everyone applauded, and Qi Yuan was there watching them silently. Students cheer for Ye Fan performances, Ye Fan sing the non-flower singing, heard Qi excitedly rushed forward to take away Ye Fan. Qi Yuan asked Ye Fan why singing this song, is not prepared? Ye Fan went on to excuse himself. Qi Yuan warned her that she was forbidden to sing the song again or she would be dismissed.Qi Fei ran to ask my brother is not too excited? Ye Fan is not malicious. Qi Yuan once again stated that it is not allowed to sing flower non-flowers, in this world only one person can sing. Ye Fan asks if he is the author of discrimination songs? Qi Yuan apologizes to Ye Fan and leaves. Qi Fei talks about the story of his brother and An Qi. Ye Fan asks Qi Fei whether An Qi was a suicide or a murder? Qi Fei advised her not to talk nonsense, after which she was forced to bring the ball scene. The man appeared again in front of Hyperthermy and asked her about the condition of Geng KeYi, who said a series of conditions of Geng KeYi, and his life expectancy was over a year. As soon as the man heard it, he was very excited and accused the hospital of organizing a best-in-class medical team to treat him. Haihua said the patient found too late, before leaving Haihua asked men is Geng KeYi who? Man says he is his enemy. Begonia invited Ye Fan, Ye Fan said the last dress is to find him to borrow, so I did not have time to attend extra-curricular clubs. At this moment, Qi Fei came over and Qi Fei asked Bei Si to give the party for May. Qi Fei invited Ye Fan to attend the book fair. Ye Fan asked him if he was going to work for himself. At the same time, she said no matter what Begonia meeting, reading society, they will not participate, Moreover, he is the president, he will not participate. Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of knowing it or not. The doctor talked to Hai Hua about Geng KeYi's condition, and the man hid there to overhear all of this. That Geng KeYi may die at any time, the more emotionally emotional men.

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