Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep40:Episode 40

Ye Fan firmly said no on the phone, Han Li asked Qi Fei to get the money back, but Qi Fei said he put it here for safekeeping so that he would not be robbed of money. Han Li stopped the company's people from blocking Qi Fei. Qi Fei also temper up and security hit, but did not expect the security guards will Qi Fei's head bleed. Ji AiXia bar smashed, she knew Geng PeiZhong sent people, it is also this time if dust, Haihua with Geng KeYi Xiao Wei. If the dust shot a few rogue lessons. Geng KeYi said on the spot that she was not qualified with Xiao Wei in this environment and that she could get Xiao Wei back home. Haihua put forward to Ji AiXia and Xiao Wei are the first to go back. Ye Fan arrives at the office Xinhua posted a band aid to leave with Qi Fei, Han Li asked Qi Fei to take the money, and Ye Fan agreed to speak to Fei. Han Li saw a necklace on Ye Fan's neck when she left. After leaving Han Li, Ye Fan asks Qi Fei when to return to France. Qi Fei tells Ye Fan if she goes back with her, Ye Fan says she will not go back and Qi Fei will stay and find a home. Meng Hua and Xu Hao discuss the relationship between Qi Fei, Han Li and Ye Fan, and Meng Hua tells Xu Hao that he has a strange feeling about Ye Fan. Ji AiXia and Xiao Wei all came to the rainforest, and Ji AiXia saw the intimacy of Rao Chen and Hai Hua. Ye Fan and Qi Fei suddenly encountered heavy rains on the road, and they encountered a girl selling flowers in the rain. Qi Fei bought a bunch of roses Memories and Ye Fan in France, Ye Fan received Qi Fei's roses. Qi Fei sang a raining rose for Ye Fan before the show at the bar, while Ye Fan burst into tears in a song. Autumn under the stage to persuade Han Li to recognize the gap between Ye Fan, but Han Li said that this time he will never easily give way, this way the scenery too beautiful reluctant. Qi Fei bought soy fritters early in the morning to Ye Fan and Ye Mu. Ye Fan is still very concerned about the wounds of Qi Fei, Ye Fan has gradually been melted. Ye Mu in his heart to Han Li thought he must take the position, France itself do not want to go. However, Ye Mu also saw that Qi Fei is really a fan of Ye Fan. Qi Fei asked Qi Fan for a quick move to change Qi Qi's dressing, and he really did not want to see her in Han Li's house, if he could go back to France with himself. Having said both of them are thrilled, Qi Fei told Ye Fan that they also need to sell themselves to the bastard? Qi Fan, Qi Fei asked Ye Fan really fell in love with Han Li, Ye Fan asked Qi Fei If so, would you leave? Ye Fan's phone rang and Han Li came. Ye Fan was nervous to get Qi Fei out first, and Han Li came in to see the scene. Qi Fei sees Han Li coming in and hugging Ye Fan, Han Li nods to hold his fist, Ye Fan slams Qi Fei, but Ye Fan ends up feeling regretful. But Qi Fei is really angry and says he understands it. Ji AiXia deliberately in front of the performance of a family intimacy, let Haihua feel like an outsider.

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