Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep10:Episode 10

Qi Yuan accused Qi Fei of their feelings so fragile it? She gave her a slap in the face, not that he gave her slap in the face. Qi Fei angrily stepped forward to accuse her brother and said no one dared to speak to him in eight years, Ye Fan said, that's it. He could not control himself but paid himself. Now he lost Ye Fan and what All over. Looking at Qi Fei to drink alcohol worry, Qi Yuan stepped forward to stop, and advised him to resort to all the forces to recover her, if you want to apologize to her, you can. Qi Fei said yes, because she is a hard wall stone, to run into the wall, let yourself touch it. Meng Hua saw the tray above the table, opened it according to the instructions but it was rushed out into the face. Zheng Yun came to accuse Meng Hua that the rookie was still too tender. However, Meng Hua sealed the paper box and persuaded Han Li to pass it. Hanghua gave evidence of tyranny Han Li, Han Li angry asked her this is Zheng Yun dry it? At the same time he promised that this bullying must be put an end to the company. Xu Hao pushed a lot of flowers sent over, that these flowers are Han Li sent, Montagut complained that he wants to get himself into trouble? Xu Hao decided to take the flowers out, Meng Hua asked him, for what reasons did he refuse? Xu Hao proposed to pollinosis grounds. Zheng Yun saw those flowers can not help but blame Xu Hao is not the wrong place? Meng Hua deliberately said it was given to himself by the Director. Xu Hao was not happy because of the flowers that Meng Hua had taken. Qi Fei calls Ye Fan, Ye Fan shuts down, and Qi Fei apologizes for her text message. See Ye Fan has not responded, Qi Fei went to Bei Si where Ye Fan ran to see him, Qi Fei stepped forward to ask her why she was sentenced to be out? Ye Fan angrily said his name is homogeneous, he did not want to climb him the prince. Qi Fei talked about their past to Ye Fan, asking her if she would not give her any chance. Ye Fan said his brother is just a fuse, speeding up their death. Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of trying to get rid of himself. Ye Fan said he has expired, is not fresh, is not fun, does not like him ... Qi Fei raised his hand and prepared to beat her angrily. Qi Fei angry curse Ye Fan is a slut, and brother beat him a slap in the face today because of dirty his hand. Qi Fei drank at the bar. A French woman stepped forward to a meeting but was misunderstood by her boyfriend. Afterwards, Qi Fei was a beating and Kevin stepped in to stop and blame the man. Qi Yuan cares about the drunken brother, and Qi Fei speaks all about Ye Fan. My brother apologized to Qi Fei and said he did not know how to make such a big mistake. Bei Si received a phone call from Qi Yuan and learned about Qi Concussion. Qi Yuan then sent Bei Si to Ye Fan and Qi Fei was about to die. Qi Yuan called Ye Fan to hurry up, while Ye Fan said he was not involved in his business. Ye Fan pressed the phone under the pillow, she advised himself not to be soft, because all the family members are emotional executioner, the snow was killed by them, then she remembered a childhood snowflake sleepless nights to take care of themselves .Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of falling in love with Qi Fei ... Qi Fei woke up and shouted at Ye Fan's name, letting her explain that Bei Si came and Qi Fei asked himself if he was going to happen with Ye Fan what? How can you not remember anything? Qi Yuan plans to capture Ye Fan and Qi Fei urges her brother not to be allowed to hurt Ye Fan again. Qi Yuan finds Ye Fan and says Qi Fei is so sick now that all her words are about her, so if she has a little bit of love and a little bit of sympathy with Qi Fei, just follow her she was. Ye Fan resolutely refuses to go and says that Qi Fei said so much to her, so she will not forgive him. And he even said that he did not accept him. Qi Yuan accused Ye Fan aloud, or did he have to account his own account? Is she heart? Know love? So she never loved Qi Fei, just played with him? Ye Fan angrily questioned he also can not help but love An Qi? Qi Yuan accused her of not being qualified to talk about things with An Qi, Ye Fan angrily stepped forward to ask him, how did Qi Qi die? Qi Yuan warned Ye Fan not to seduce Qi Fei, leaving her away from him. Qi Fei asked Ting Wei, what did he say to Ye Fan yesterday? Ting Wei does not fully remember, just remember that he said Ye Fan is a slut ... ... Hai-Hua asked Geng KeYi, he and his son how the crux can be solved? Geng KeYi said he needs a ringing man to solve the problem, and at the same time he thinks that if dust does not come back.

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