Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep4:Episode 4

Ye Fan remembered Lang Hua by the sea, when she shed tears because snowflakes had left and where were both of them? Zheng Yun has been urging Meng Hua, Meng-hua accidentally fell down while holding a screw on the stairs, the director came up to lift her up, Xu Hao came to accuse that Zheng Yun pushed her down, while he was everywhere When it comes to speaking, Zheng Yun always bully new employees in the company, so the first one should be fired if the company wants to fire. See Meng Hua body injuries, the director called the old life immediately called the ambulance, after which he ordered Xu Hao responsible for Meng Hua things. Qi Yuan complains, how to do to make the castle become warm? Reina stepped forward to suggest, but was Qi Yuan swear by a pass. Qi Yuan said to himself, not feeling bad, but wanting something that can cross time and space. Afterwards, he questioned where An Qi, who loves himself, was there. At this moment, he remembered his program of snow show with An Qi: When the show ended, An Qi and Qi Yuan told each other - I love you. An Qi asked him if they could survive? Qi Yuan said for a second, before he stepped forward and kissed An Qi. Qi Yuan once again said to himself, in the play himself and An Qi can repeat the resurrection of the play, but in reality, they can not repeat the resurrection? Xu Hao told Meng Hua, the doctor examined her without concussion, Meng Hua asked him who is that guy today? Xu Hao said he is the boss's only son, Han Li. Meng Hua asked Xu Hao which branch? Xu Hao said he was running errands at the General Services Office. Haihua back to strangers call, said Meng Hua live in the hospital, Haihua accused Xu Hao is a fraud group, less happy to find their own. Meng Hua took the phone to tell her sister, all right, that my sister in the hospital's emergency room, Haihua hastily ran past. Xu Hao sent Meng Hua to the house. Meng Hua asked him how he knew his sister's phone number. Will not investigate myself, right? Xu Hao said he just called the personnel section and asked. My elder sister did not let Meng Hua go to work tomorrow, but Meng Hua and Xu Hao stood up and said no at all. Haihua accused Xu Hao what heart? Sister speech does not resign with him what is the relationship? Will not want to chase her? If dust inquires about the situation of Geng KeYi from Haihua, Haihua asks who is Geng KeYi? Why is he so distracted? Hear that man is Ruo dust, Haihua understand that he is a mysterious figure. Geng KeYi asked Haihua how their young nurse trained and cried with a slight roar. Haihua said the nurse was only responsible for taking care of normal people, not including such irritable people. Geng KeYi asked her if she was a tyrant in her kingdom? Haihua said his kingdom is too small, do not know if I count that kingdom monarch? Geng KeYi convinced her that one day a certain young man would have broken into her kingdom, perhaps already. Haihua let him say a few words, then push him to do electrotherapy. Xu Hao took the flowers to pick up the dream to work, dream China asked he would not really want to chase yourself, right? Meng-hua to the company found the table above the bouquet of flowers, Zheng Yun et al came over accused Meng-hua, just suffered a little injury, to trouble the director to give her flowers. Dream China sigh, since the days of their own had a good time.When Ye Fan is searching the web for four flowers, Bei Si walks in and invites her to see the 3D movie tomorrow. Bei Si was surprised to learn that Ye Fan was going to a coffee shop. Ye Wei Ting Fan gave the puppet to see that it is their first day to school, Ye Fan very happy, Bei Si asked Ting Wei will not fall in love with Ye Fan, right? It is not surprising that Ting Wei fell in love with new students every semester. Ye Fan accused Qi Fei of deliberately finding fault, what is his own fragility? Qi Fei accused Ye Fan of a few drops of tears at the beach fooling himself, then left angrily. Bei Si questions Ye Fan, Qi Fei is not jealous? She confused the two men. Wei Wei asked Qi Fei, Ye Fan in the end is not his dish? Qi Fei asked Ting Wei, was not serious about Ye Fan? Ting Wei asked Qi Fei not to touch Ye Fan, Qi Fei said that both of them like a girl at the same time, what should be reported to him? Ting Wei raised something about Qi Yuan, Qi Fei angrily defeated Ting Wei to the ground. Bei Si and Ye Fan stepped forward to stop the two from continuing. Qi Fei accidentally hit Ye Fan's nose and Ting Wei accidentally knocked her down to the ground. So Qi Fei quickly stepped forward to care for her. Bei Si told Ye Fan that if two men could fight for themselves, they would have celebrated with champagne. Qi Fei stepped forward to open the champagne. With the help of Ye Fan and Bei Si, Ting Wei and Qi Fei reconciled and toasted. Drunk Ye Fan told the two that they should stop fighting for themselves because they already have boyfriends in their country.

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