Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]
Flowers In Fog(TV)[2013]

《Flowers In Fog》Ep49:Episode 49

Qi Fan warehouse fire Ye Fan has been immersed in the joy of finding two small flowers, Qi Fei said he also has merit, either Han Li framed themselves, will not let her find Lang Hua and Yan Hua. Ye Fan said Han Li also seems to have something for it. Qi Fei was jealous and said that after a video last night, Han Li had quit. Ye Fan deliberately said Han Li texted himself yesterday, and Qi Fei approached and clutched Ye Fan. Ye Fan told him that he is now a flying butterfly and had no feelings before he played. Li did not talk about his feelings until he finished his debt. Qi Fei shouted, his rival is taking off, there is no natural reason. Three months later, everyone went to Geng to give Xiao Wei his birthday. Qi Fei laughed very well with Xiao Wei. Ye Fan complained that Professor Qi was driving himself crazy. Meng Hua said that Professor Qi did not have any interest in training other people besides her. If the dust is on the barbecue, Xu Hao and Meng Hua stepped forward to tell him not to be able to do so. If dust complains that Hayward made himself a family cook, he then asked Meng Hua and Xu Hao for help, and the two refused, Xu Hao assumed Serve as a professor of responsibility. If Fei's grilled meat accidentally flew out and saw the grilled meat fly to Geng KeYi's face, Ye Fan and Qi Fei all came forward to scramble for fear of hurting Ye Fan's hand. Qi Fei picked up Xiao Wei's The birthday hat picks up the barbecue after pushing Ye Fan off. Geng KeYi secretly eat piece of barbecued meat when they are not paying attention. Qi Fei allows Ye Fan to eat a piece of barbecue, Qi Fei stops when Ye Fan picks up the largest piece of food and then gives her a small piece of barbecue. After lunch, Ye Fan stops her from washing the dishes because her hands are playing the violin. She not only represents himself but also represents four flowers of Hua Xin. Three things to talk about childhood fun, Ye Fan promised for the four sisters will certainly work hard. Qi Fei trained Ye Fan playing ping-pong and said she learned to play the piano. Ye Fan said she could not slip away? Qi Fei said she will not let her slip through this life. Warren asked Ye Fan, how sure is she getting the top three in the game? Ye Fan said that some less likely, right? Warren Dan accused her of what player? Also accused Qi Fei of the coach did not do his best, not willing to train Ye Fan. Qi Fei said he has tried his best, and if the professor has any good ways to tell himself that Valentine is always talking about washing lotus seeds, Qi Fei does not understand what he is talking about? Ye Fan understood that he meant pity Xiang Yu. Warren Dan told Ye Fan that she was the best potential player of her own and that it would be unfortunate if she did not get the top three places in the game. Han Li and Qiu Qi went to Qi Fei for two days. When Qi Fei asked Han Li if they had seen the two of them, has their crisis been lifted? Ye Fan asked Qiu Shui they both developed to what extent? When they learned that both of their parents met, Ye Fan asked if they were getting married. Han Li said he has always been the premise of marriage love.Xu Meng where the night to find food, and finally found a pack of face, Xu Hao personally cook her noodles to eat, then eat with both of them, they eat a noodle when they are going to kiss, Xu mother go Out scolding the two, and ordered Xu Hao to stand up, while she told the small dream, not to marry before defending her innocence. Ye Fan was so overwhelmed with pain. Qi Fei stepped forward to help her massage and explained her to the hospital for a day's checkup. Qi Fei kisses Ye Fan's neck, and Ye Fan jumps in surprise, saying that he is now taking off, not Qi Fei, so Qi Fei himself disappears. If the dust holding the diamond ring planning case to the sea there to see the daddy, both voted in favor of vote, when Liang Zong called and said warehouse fire. Looked burned everything, if the stunned. Geng KeYi anxious question If the dust, how the fire? What is the loss? How is the warehouse on fire? When my father asked Liang Zong for a phone call, Ruoyu said everything: The warehouse was completely destroyed, with a loss of about 50 million yuan. The police investigation was arson. Someone deliberately sabotaged the warehouse.

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