Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep7:run away

Yun Ye He personally persuaded lu shou, head of the shandong shizu, to meet with li er. When he visited Yun Ye, he was still very dissatisfied with his refusal to marry him. In a hurry, Yun Ye had to say that he had already got what he wanted. When asked by li er, Li ChengQian What Yun Ye likes is actually Li AnLan ! Yun Ye had to climb the pole and acquiesce. Li er's face was a little sallow.

Finally, it was decided to let Yun Ye go back to be an escort for the prince after passing the army camp examination. Li er and Li AnLan were locked in a standoff over who should be the first queen. Zhang SunHuangHou In order to adapt Li AnLan to the palace life, personally taught Li AnLan court etiquette. Li AnLan, however, believes it was Li who allowed Zhang SunHuangHou to deliberately embarrass her.

Li AnLan was so disappointed with Li that she was so angry that she wounded her female officials and decided to leave chang 'an. Li AnLan has just arrived at the palace gate, met to report to the work Hou JunJi Hou JunJi learned that Li AnLan had a heart to leave, and told her that her mother had a sister-red dawn who had married jin LAN was still in chang 'an. If you want to know more about her mother, you can visit him.

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