Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep25:recovered

In the ruined temple, Yun Ye cheat Gong ShuMu To see Li AnLan . He finally met Li AnLan, who had been "cheated to death". After the mood calmed down, Yun Ye proposed to join Li AnLan. Considering that she was "dead" at present and could not be moved, Gong ShuMu was unable to enter the palace and finally agreed to join Yun Ye. The three men studied lu ban lock in the temple and found a small wooden sign with the word "shen" hidden in it.

Li AnLan speculated that the spelling might be the surname of someone connected to xuanwu gate. Yun Ye bought the shop across the street and turned it into a carpenter's shop, qiqiao pavilion, where Li AnLan was placed. In order not to arouse suspicion, Yun Ye intends to find Zhang SunHuangHou Taking the big job of making furniture for the prince's wedding, he claimed to supervise the work himself.

Xin Yue see Li ChengQian He wanted to make a final decision but Li ChengQian told Xin Yue that he would definitely rehabilitate lu's family and marry Xin Yue. Xin Yue hesitates. Hou small younger sister still knew the news of the prince's big marriage, saw happy card, her heart is like dead ash, jump well suicide, by Hou JunJi Save in time. But unexpectedly hou small younger sister already was pregnant, this jumps well to cause her to give birth.

Li ChengQian came to visit, to the surprised and angry Hou JunJi said, he will definitely take the responsibility, to give Hou JunJi a confession. Li ChengQian decided to rebel. Gong ShuMu's night investigation department, looking for the roster of soldiers surnamed shen from the qin dynasty during the xuanwu gate uprising, was found in haste.

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