Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep31:all or nothing

Li er decided to go to the imperial mausoleum Li Yuan The corpse, send Li ChengQian The prison. In fact, li has long believed that the gao shilin, he thought that behind the people planted a disaster. He took away the noble and set an ambush in the palace to draw out the real murderer.

Seeing the distance from gao shilin getting further and further, he was very avenging Li AnLan Decided to assassinate Mr. Gao, but didn't want to Yun Ye After a night of intimacy with Yun Ye, I locked him in the room of jade mountain and went to the palace alone.

I didn't think Hou JunJi Have doubt Xin Yue Related to hou's disappearance. He sent Chen biao to yushan to destroy bombs and kill Li Tai And Xin make.

When yu shan exploded, Xin Yue found Yun Ye locked in the house. In order to save Yun Ye, she did not return on time. When Chen biao searched for Xin Yue, she aroused Yun Ye's suspicion.

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