Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep28:shield

Li er ordered the centurion to make an audience with four of his most important officials. After receiving the order, he found that the token was missing, and he knew it was not easy. He ordered his family to get rid of the prince's woman (hou xiaomei) in another hospital if he could not go back to his home, so that the prince would not be trapped by his love.

When the four saw li er's token, only gao shi lian's box was empty, and li er left gao shi lian behind. Yun Ye and Li AnLan Watching li er and four people on the roof, found that only gao shilin did not come out. Li AnLan thought that Li er must be to cover up the noble integrity, so decided to enter the palace to assassinate the noble integrity.

The man whom he had sent to kill hou had failed. Li ChengQian He arrived in time to save the baby sister and sent the seriously injured baby sister to the medical clinic of sun simiao. Xin Yue During the conversation, Xin Yue found that hou xiaomei wanted to expose Li ChengQian's plan. She was so cruel that she didn't give him the medicine that saved her life and let him die.

At the same time Li Yuan Died. When Li AnLan learned that she was out of control, Yun Ye arranged for her to meet Li Yuan for the last time.

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