Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep34:stress

Yun Ye Know the truth and be anxious to find it Li AnLan . He returned to qiqiao pavilion, only to find that the drawings of the new bombs still under development were missing. He knew that only Li AnLan and himself knew that Li AnLan must have taken them. He wandered around the city looking for Li AnLan, only to find a woman who looked like Li AnLan entering the east palace.

Hou JunJi Set up a mourning hall for hou xiaomei, and arrested the cloud family all. only Xin Yue Escaped. Li ChengQian I was suspicious of Yun Ye when I learned that Xin Yue was missing. I went to see Yun Ye at Dali temple prison. Yun Ye calmly asks: Li ChengQian wants to meet Xin Yue, he wants to meet Li AnLan.

Before he met Li AnLan, Hou JunJi met Yun Ye first. He already knew that Yun Ye knew the truth, but he informed Yun Ye that the cloud family was in their hands at the moment. If Yun Ye told Li AnLan the truth and undermined their plan for starting the event, none of the cloud family could survive. Yun Ye finally met Li AnLan, but was unable to tell her the truth. The next day, Li ChengQian planned to bomb Li's guards and hijack him when he returned from the imperial tombs. Xin make find Su Wan , want to see Li ChengQian and beg him to save yun's family.

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