Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep1:the ghosts fall into the clouds and mist in the tang dynasty

Yun buqi, a modern man in the 21st century, is responsible for the medical treatment and logistics of the archaeological excavation team. As a non-professional but full of curiosity, the hands of the underarm pulled the archaeological team has just protected the tomb of a copper ring, suddenly the chamber shock, the location of the bronze vessel collapse into a bottomless pit, fortunately everyone in time to hold the hands of the cloud device, so that he hung in the mouth of the hole did not fall. But then the jade pin in his pocket fell down, which was the relic of his dead girlfriend. He said to professor wang who was holding on to him. This thing is very important to me.

Though the sunken hole looked deep and dark, the cloud did not break a hair. He borrowed the torch light found here or a grave, just have a strange rock before three maids sculpture, not only in the middle of the head hair, using the location of the empty and a mouth, the cloud is not considered to be a organ, use VCR to record myself want to take the hair into the ladies head, if out of the one thousand, please come to the rescue people away this hair clasp for him. Soon after he put the kanzashi on the woman's head, the sky was overcast, and a light shot out to cover the device, lifting him into the air and disappearing.

When he woke up, he found himself in a desert. He picked up the hairpin and saw a tombstone beside it Yun Ye The grave, just feel this name is very familiar, but did not think much, only thought about how to walk out of the desert. Just as the clouds were about to faint in the desert, they saw a post, which was so precious, rushing in, and a crowd of men fighting around a man wearing black and a veil, all wearing ancient clothes. In the fight, the veil hat of the man in black was knocked off, showing a delicate pretty face and a long black hair, the girl was a girl, the girl calmly picked up the hairpin on the body of the cloud not good, continue to open the fight. Cloud not implement however silly, because this girl's appearance and oneself dead girl friend general have no two. He tried to protect her and rushed to hold her, but she knocked him out.

The clouds not to wake up again and you must have done a dream, but the door of shopkeeper let cloud don't be silly, not only in ancient times, the man also said the clouds not to implement is YunGongZi, asked him where to go for so long, asing if is familiar person, until the clouds not to ask the current s and get the answer had died of the tang dynasty years.Cloud not to dream that such dog blood affair will happen to him, and see the owner of a picture know him, point at his neck to wear of the cloud family's son card let ask him whether lost memory. The cloud does not look down at the neck of the son card do not know when the two characters Yun Ye.

The kanzashi had been thinking about their own kanzashi, wanted to come back with the girl dressed as a man yesterday, but she would have lost her hair without the kanzashi. He found that the salt of this age was scarce, even with crude kosher salt, and the food tasted terrible. He made the salt himself into fine salt and made it delicious. He wanted to fix the girl and gave him the kanzashi. Miss li also wondered how he could have such fine white salt, even thinner than official salt, but could not resist the delicious food made by fine salt. At that moment the door was opened, and a crowd of officers and soldiers came in, leading with shouts Li ChengQian When they saw the fine salt on the table, cheng jinmo still thought that the cloud does not implement will be evil method, the cloud does not implement with cheng jinmo bet, oneself also will refine such salt come out. They are Li ChengQian to salt, suddenly the cloud is not device, it really take salt producing fine salt, then outside to pick a hole in foreign wood son cuo is sure that the clouds not to implement is his deserters, Li ChengQian is the clouds not to implement trade can bring datang significance and happy, how can let wood cuo will he stole, and under the feeling be nasty for cloud not blocking the wood son measures of short dao, Li ChengQian injured fall on the ground, prevailing, savage foreign seemed almost Cheng Jinmo father came, he was most famous Cheng YaoJin After a few tries, he solved the problem.

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