Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep13:goodbye

On the court, li er decided to fight with the turkic, not with relatives, the four princes of turkic left in anger. Because of the great drought in shandong, the court was unable to fight against the turks at present, but it was unexpected when the ministers urged li er to fail Li AnLan Take the initiative, show their willingness to go and kiss!

Another turkic prince asna also asked Li AnLan at this time, although Li er did not leave, but also had to agree. Yun Ye It hurt, but he couldn't convince Li AnLan anyway. A few days later, Li AnLan summoned Yun Ye. Li AnLan, wearing a red wedding dress, told Yun Ye that she would go on the road to turkic tomorrow, and she would never see the face again.

I accidentally damaged the portrait of xiao ran in the polo match. Today, I want to ask Yun Ye to draw another picture, and I want to remember it. After saying goodbye to Yun Ye, Li AnLan stepped onto the sedan chair the next day, and the pro-party team set off.

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