Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep4:Li AnLan was protected by the ethnic group. Yun Ye entered the palace to meet tang taizong

Li AnLan with Yun Ye After a late-night chat outside, a mohist secretly protected Li AnLan and put his weapon on several lecherous men. After dropping Yun Ye, Li AnLan met the mohist people. The mohist family wore hats to cover their faces, reminding Li AnLan was one of mohist people. Mohist people said they would protect Li AnLan well.

Li ChengQian With my brother Li Tai When gongsun chong visited Yun Ye, they talked and laughed together, and soon became good friends. Four people went out to play in the street and came to the place of the wind and the moon. Except Yun Ye, the other three people all felt that the place of the wind and the moon was mixed, which was not suitable for the king, his relatives and nobles to set foot in. Yun Ye was curious about the place of fengyue and proposed to enter the place of fengyue. Li ChengQian and his three friends failed to persuade him, and four of them entered the place of fengyue and ordered some dancing girls to accompany them to have fun.

Li ChengQian, a member of the royal family who took part in the show, stayed with her because she could not escape. The two men walked slowly in the dark, a few officers and men around the corner. As Li ChengQian was scared out of his wits, Yun Ye suggested that he take off his coat and put ashes on his face to hide his true face.

Li ChengQian and Yun Ye took off their coats and painted their faces dark Xin Yue In the home. A maid near Xin Yue warned Li ChengQian and Yun Ye to leave quickly, or else called home.Xin Yue is kind-hearted and mistakenly thinks Li ChengQian and Yun Ye are beggars. Yun Ye deliberately lied that she was hungry for two days. As long as she can eat at Xin Yue's home, she will leave as soon as possible.

Xin Yue believes the lies made up by Yun Ye and serves dinner for Yun Ye and Li ChengQian. Officers and soldiers patrol outside Xin Yue's house, going door to door to catch people. Xin Yue realized that Yun Ye and Li ChengQian were fugitives and asked them to leave. Li ChengQian only found out the identity of Xin Yue when he left.

Li AnLan met Chen guogong hou junji, whose mother, ruolan, and hou junji were close friends. After meeting Li AnLan, hou came to the palace to meet tang taizong and told him about Li's appearance. Li AnLan has a face like his mother, ruolan, and a mouth and nose like his father, emperor taizong.

Cheng YaoJin I took Yun Ye to the palace to meet the emperor taizong, and told the story of defeating the enemy in the hall with great delight. Tang taizong was curious about Yun Ye's blood transfusion. Wei Zheng I have never read the art of blood transfusion to save people in ancient books, and I believe that what Yun Ye has done is a crooked way.

Yun Ye patiently explained to emperor taizong how blood transfusion saved people's lives. Not everyone can transfuse blood to the injured, and it is better to be the relatives of the injured. The chance of blood matching is greater. Li ChengQian confirmed that he was rescued by his half-sister Li AnLan, who saved Li ChengQian's life by donating his own blood.

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