Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep19:clue

Li ChengQian At hou's house, she took hou's sister as the wrong girl Xin Yue Have a good night. The second day, Yun Ye The palace to find Li AnLan But Li AnLan, who was practicing his sword, resolutely disappeared. Yun Ye had to go to the east palace to ask Li ChengQian, but Li ChengQian got drunk. Hou JunJi At the same time, Li ChengQian was in charge of hou's sister.

Yun Ye planned to go to the palace to guard the wind until Li AnLan saw him. However, he did not realize that he had not arrived at the palace gate and found Li AnLan. He followed him all the way Gong ShuMu Found. Gong ShuMu tried to kill him and was stopped by Li AnLan. Yun Ye raised hopes in his heart, but it was unexpected that Li AnLan actually stabbed him to get rid of him.

Yun Ye watched his wound in disbelief, bleeding all the way, forgetting the pain, and returned home. Xin Yue bandaged the wound and consoled Yun Ye. With Xin Yue's words of encouragement, Yun Ye suddenly realized that Li AnLan was not right. He immediately went out to chase Li AnLan. Gong ShuMu and Li AnLan went to tian and zi and planned to assassinate him on the day Li sent the army away. After laying out the layout, each man scattered. Yun Ye came along and became suspicious when she found that the toy shop was filled with powder of nitre and sulfur, as well as some cotton. The war is about to begin.

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