Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep16:out

Yun Ye In order to resolve lu shou's conflict, lu shou made a simple speech to lead the thunder to his side. Under the anger of li er, ordered to destroy the nine families of lu! Li ChengQian At the request of Yun Ye, he finally agreed to turn the nine tribes into the house of lu. Xin Yue Lu shou was taken to Dali temple together. Li AnLan She hurried to find Yun Ye and blamed him for making things big, but she also knew that Yun Ye had no other choice but to lament that Li ChengQian's love with Xin Yue was no longer expected.

In the evening, Li ChengQian went to Dali temple alone to see Xin Yue. On the way, he met Yun Ye who also went to see Xin Yue. Li ChengQian looked particularly harsh. Li ChengQian told Yun Ye not to see Xin Yue for a moment, I'm afraid it will only provoke resentment. Yun Ye had to turn home quietly. In Dali temple prison, Li ChengQian said he would definitely save Xin Yue.

Hou JunJi When he asked li er to go to war to fight against turkic, li er refused, and Hou JunJi had to put it into practice for his soldiers to go to war. As for the banquet, li jing took the place of Hou JunJi, and Hou JunJi stayed behind in chang 'an for chengguan.

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