Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Ep22:locust

Li Tai Because of the disaster relief work was appointed by li er to the front line to supervise the army, more deepened Li ChengQian Internal unrest. The old farmer outside chang 'an city dug out all the tortoise shells that Chen biao had arranged in advance, and every one of them was inscribed: up unfilial, without virtue and demon. The whole city of chang 'an was a sensation. The common people think that the plague of locusts finally has a saying that the scourge of heaven must be punished by the royal family. Many folk storytellers tell stories about it.

In order to plug the mouth, li er ordered a mass arrest, for a time Dali temple prison was full of people. Hou JunJi Use it to force li er to kill him Li AnLan He incited all the officials to speak and begged Li er to hear Li AnLan in accordance with the law. Zhang SunHuangHou This news, arbitrarily decided to put Li AnLan into Dali temple day prison.

But Zhang SunHuangHou said that if li er punished for the plague of locusts, he would not only shake the morale of the troops fighting in foreign countries, but also the local people. Then li er gave up. Yun Ye Upon learning the news, I met with li er in a hurry and asked him why he had backtracked. After a quarrel with li, Yun Ye finally told li about the plague of locusts, which was not a great disaster, but a food disaster, benefiting the tang dynasty. He will let Li er get through this, but Li er must pardon Li AnLan. So Yun Ye began to prepare for the locust gourmet contest.At the same time, Gong ShuMu Get the rat. Get ready for Li AnLan's escape. With Li Tai's help, Yun Ye ran a sensational food contest, but to little effect.

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