Tang brick(TV)[2018]
Tang brick(TV)[2018]

《Tang brick》Cast

Yun Ye Wang Tianchen Play)

Yun Ye returned to the early Tang Dynasty from the modern era, with his own grasp of modern technology step by step to upgrade Daguai to knight, and Prince prodigal brother, but for the old love involved in the court battle and a series full of love and hate but ridiculous story.

Wang Tianchen

Wang Tianchen, born February 4, 1993 in Beijing, China, film and television actor in the Mainland, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy Performance Department. In 2014, he participated in the drama contest of the 6th Shanghai Theater Academy in the "Sea Cup", where he won the third prize of the skit "I am an in-service army" and he won the Best Fashion Award personally. In 2015, starred in the first movie "Keep Silence." In 2016, Huayi Brothers Times Cultural Brokerage Co., Ltd. was signed as a signatory artist and officially entered the entertainment business. In the same year, he was also paid attention to as a costume fantasy in the costume martial arts drama "Never mind." In 2017, Chen Can plays the No. 2 man in the drama "Fanghua". In the same year, he starred in the youth inspirational drama "Going Back".

Li AnLan Jianing Zhang Play)

Fate of the Tang dynasty woman

Jianing Zhang

Jianing Zhang (Karlina), born in 1989 in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, is an actress from Mainland China and graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2009, appeared in emotional drama "aunt multi-crane", the official debut. In 2010, she was well known to the audience because she acted as a beautiful woman in the urban life drama "The Beauty of Daughter-in-Law." In 2011, starring urban inspirational drama "ant triumph." In 2012, starring emotional inspirational drama "Wenzhou family." In 2013, with the inspirational drama "Dad's Love" won the LeTV Festival gala outstanding actress award. In 2014, starring Zhao Baogang's medical drama "Young Doctor". In 2015, starring in the East magic drama "sea animal husbandry in mind." In 2016, starred in costume court drama "such as Yi Chuan." In 2017, starring metropolitan business drama "Feather to God."

Li ShiMin Ken Chang Play)

Emperor Taizong.

Ken Chang

Ken Chang Tzu-yao (張智堯) is a Taiwanese actor and Mandopop singer who grew up in Brazil since the age of 3.

Zhang SunHuangHou Anita Yuen Play)


Anita Yuen

Anita Yuen Wing-yi is a Hong Kong film and television actress.

More《Tang brick》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Xin Yue ----
Wenjie Wang Li ChengQian ----
Liu Yufeng Cheng ChuMo ----
Yongquan Wang Hou JunJi ----
Hu Wenzhe Zhang SunChong ----
Cao Yang Cheng YaoJin ----
Zhu Zanjin Li Tai No introduction
Tian YiFeng Gong ShuMu No introduction
Qin Zhao Tian RuoLan Mohist giants
Ding KeEr Su Wan Prince Edward
Huang Fei Er HaMa No introduction
Qin Zhao Tian RuoLan No introduction
Li Guangfu Li Yuan Too King
Yue Ma Wei Zheng Prime Minister
Huang Yang sweet Xiao Nan No introduction

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