Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep34:Episode 34

The star knows Zhao Ling must be dry, she rushed Zhao Ling's clothes and asked her room where things went? Zhao Ling said she was sold, and she said she did not have any money for a trip. Moon said he would not let her go, she made a vow before her grave to put Zhao Ling on the right path, Zhao Ling said unless the moon belongs to Xia MingYue everything back to her house, car, moon tower ... ... The stars could not hesitate, and she said to Zhao Ling that if she wants to give her all the things she has for her in the moon, she will return all the money she has paid for the family for so many years. Zhao Ling hysterically said that so many years she lost as Zhao Ling who can give her back? She told the moon that she lost her life and could not find her again. Xu Chong divorced Ding Yun calmly, he said since they do not love each other, then why not intertwined, Yun Yun grumpy that not only love to let the two together, the same hate can not be separated As long as hate did not disappear, she would not agree to a divorce. Xu Chong put forward the court meeting. Ding Yun was ready to commit suicide in broken glass as she was crazy. She told Xu Chong that he would not divorce him if he did not die. Zhao Ling leaves the moon and leaves her key to Zhao Ling, saying she will not change her lock until Zhao Ling returns home. Zhao Ling sat in a taxi lopsidedly, watching the bright moon waved to her and looking at her childhood favorite doll in her hand. She decided to return to summer home to resume her life. Zhao Ming took Zhao Ling to the Mingyue House as an assistant to the general manager in the moon. In the face of this sudden announcement of office, Zheng Chun looked at the rain. Xu Chong and her mother moved out of their home and officially separated from Ding Yun. Ding Yun proposed to ask Xu Chong to play acting outside before her, and she does not want outsiders to see jokes. Xu Chong promised her, and let Ding Yun inform divorce when he informed him, he can sign anytime. Chiang Kai-shek's Yi Zong paid a visit to tell Mingyue Group just passed a resolution in preparation for the public sale of 20% stake in Mingyue House. Mingyue House enjoyed the right of first refusal and Mingyue accepted the offer of Chiang's group. On behalf of Mingyue House, both parties have signed the letter and have lost the strong backing of the Chiang Group. Jiang JiaNan has never been able to get out of the frustration of rejecting the moon in the bright moon. He told Yi Zong that indeed the month should be thanked him. Without him, she is still on the street. Of course, he should also thank the moon for the moon He knows the taste of being used. Jiang JiaNan met Liu Xiaoyu and said he was ready to enter the restaurant industry and wanted to open a restaurant of the same size as Mingyue House. He wanted to invite him to be the general manager. His lobbying allowed the rain to move, and she promised to consider it. Ming moon introduced to meet a famous doctor, she let tomorrow Zheng Chun abortion medical records, want the doctor to see if there is no hope of pregnancy. The doctor saw the medical records that something strange, so she went to find the attending physician to understand the situation. Zheng Chun, who finally knew the truth of the year, angrily told Zheng Chun to give her a statement, forced marriage, lying and faking pregnancy ... What else can she do? Zheng Chun beg for mercy on her knees, and the moon said she could not forgive her who cheated her. She called to call the star bar tomorrow night.Zheng Chun chase the bar to seek the moon, at least let her tell him cheating tomorrow, the moon promised. However, Zheng Chun could not get around for quite some time. When it came to abortion, I stopped her tomorrow and said that this could not be mentioned again.

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