Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

Episode: 39 Area: China
Stars: Zhilei Xin Tang Zeng Xu Dai More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Ding black Year: 2015
Writer: Chang He Lu Su Xiaoyuan Mo Xin Genre: City | Emotions

《Moon hugging the stars》Episodes

The moon embracing the stars tells the story of a man who is upright and rebellious. When her family met with an accident in high school, her father died unexpectedly and her mother was seriously ill and could not walk, she co-authored the book and took care of her mother and rebellious siblings Heavy responsibility. Xia MingYue chose to keep her secret and continue to take care of her family when she learned that she was not a native of Xia Family, but a daughter of Liu's family who was fostered when young. Ming Yue dropped out on the eve of college entrance examination, support for food stalls make money to support their families. His classmate, Xu Chong, was attracted by this optimistic, strong and gallant girl who had been silently helping her. When they were together, they were forced to part with two parents' grievances. Moon sister's rebellious stars, provoke a lot of trouble for their own singer dream. Tomorrow, my brother was timid, as a result of an accidental left leg disability, so that the moon broke the heart. Years later, the moon has become better and better for its continuing hard work, providing a wealthy life for siblings and helping them find their own happiness. Just as everything was on track, girlfriend Ding Yun jealous of the feelings of Xu Chong and the moon set the trap, moon exposure almost in jail. In the end, the moon broke through the storm with the support of his family and Xu Chong, a family reunion.

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