Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep37:Episode 37

Mingyue finally came to understand that the tax case and the bribery case must have been Ding Yun's hands and tricks, although she is still unclear about the purpose of Ding Yun's efforts. Ding Yun came to the Inland Revenue Department surrendered, indicating that the monthly opening of the two buildings has been taking two books now, she took out a disk that is stolen every tax is in it, and she said he was just a part-time job, She still has to obey Xia MingYue, the chairman of the board. She has also opposed and tried to stop it, but she has been dismissed by Xia MingYue. She has to dismiss her and not let her be a threat in this circle and force her to listen to her instructions. The bright moon calls their siblings to the Star Bar. She told her brothers and sisters that there will be police finding her this day and tomorrow. There will be two charges of tax evasion and bribery. If there is no evidence to prove her innocence, she may face five to seven Years of sentence. She entrusted Mingyue House to Zhao Ling, who let the stars pay more attention to her younger brother when she was not there. The moon was taken to the detention center and she was told the good news of Zheng Chun's pregnancy tomorrow before she left. Jiang JiaNan learned that Xia MingYue's arrest was very shocking. He even did not believe it when he heard about charges of tax evasion. Tax plus fines plus overdue fees totaling 12 million yuan is really an astronomical figure for the star and siblings, but it is not a huge sum for Jiang JiaNan. He said he must save Xia MingYue. The statements of the moon and Ding Yun are entirely inconsistent. All are Ding Yun's board of directors. The moon is full of displeasure. She finally understood that all Ding Ding did was to retaliate, revenge her, and retaliate with Xu Chong, a retaliation that began in 2003. Ding Yun, a lawyer, told her to insist that the moon tax evasion Ding Ding is an independent behavior, this is a bit trickier. Ding Yun was quite certain that she had a meeting record of light rain as proof and that she had copied all the tax evasion records into the computer of the moon's office without fear of settling the moon's sins. Based on all the evidence, the police said that it could decide that there was a vicious premeditated planned tax evasion and tax evasion case. The chief proponent was Xia MingYue and Ding Yun was only ordered to act. Bai QiuYang learned that the rain did perjury simply suspect that she was crazy, let the rain drifted quickly to surrender, as long as there is no court before the time, rain said that if you go to surrender, then the prison is her. Bai QiuYang said that people can not do bad things, no matter what the outcome is waiting for her, he will wait for her, but Liu rain said he did not want to go to jail, saying no refusal to surrender. Zhao Ling find a light rain, move the truth of the situation, she let the rain to ask ourselves, in the end right or wrong. Cried the rain and ran away. Xu Chong was released on bail, and came to the Star Bar, where he told his siblings that they could do bail as long as they were able to get 12 million copies together. They knew that their small courtyard could sell 20 million and everyone was loose Breath. Xu Chong still did not give up looking for light rain talk, but the light rain just refused.

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