Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep19:Episode 19

Tomorrow he noticed that Xu Chong had not come to his house these days and did not call him. He obviously did not have good mental status in the past two days. He speculated that his sister broke up with Xu Chong's brother. Ye Li asked her son not to mention it This issue. Xu Qianyang come back from home, to light rain brought sausage, dried vegetables like native products, rain awkwardly asked him what he meant with these things, Xu Qiuyang sorry to say that students taught him to chase girls get gifts, rain and dumbfounding To say that other people send flowers, send chocolates, he is good to send these things. Xu Qiuyang really asked what she liked, he went to Zhang Luo, light rain sighs that as long as he did not like to send. The moon is burning in the kitchen, just think it is not right, so ask the chef Liang Xin which bought a few levels of oil. She also hoped that Liang Xin made a mistake when she took the oil of the premium grade to buy the oil of the third grade. She said that this month withholding him five hundred dollars to show discipline, the kitchen after the purchase of live or she came. The landlord came to rent, Liang Xin and a chat that they both lost, so that the moon made a lot of money, and they only took so little petty profits. Xu Chong came to the clothing store to choose a mum for her scarf, and the clerk recommended Xu Chong a scarf called "My Heart Still". Xu Chong received the first month after the turnaround salary with his mother went to the restaurant to eat celebration, suddenly heard the waiter shouted pay, he remembered the moon. Ding Yun took a taxi and passed through the hotel to see Xu Chong. Then he came in greeting with his mother, and saw Ding Yun reminding his mother of his son's life-long event. She urged Xu Chong to focus on paying attention to her feelings. The restaurants in the moon were reported to have used the slush oil. The Trade and Industry Bureau found that the oil being used in the kitchen had problems. The restaurant was sealed up by the Trade and Industry Bureau and ordered them to suspend business for rectification for three months and a fine of 5,000 yuan. Obviously this is a deliberate retaliation by Liang Xin. Xu Chong decided to go back to true love, he came to the clothing store to buy "my heart is still happy," looking for the moon. The restaurant door to a lot of emotional diners ask the boss to give a statement, the moon on the patrons to explain that she is cheaper pricing in the principle of small profits, if you use the emu oil does not burn such a good taste. But the diners did not listen to her explanation at all, and said, "Who can eat it? They have accused the moon of hurting customers, reap huge profits. Cao Yang see there is no way to make things clear, persuaded the moon to eat the immediate good fortune, dragging her to go, diners desperately stopped them, push between wandering Cao Yang and they waved their hands. At this moment, Xu Chong came to the store door to see that the moon was going to suffer. He hurried forward and tried to push the crowd away. He did not expect anyone who was knocking on the forehead of Xu Chong and Xu Chong fell to the ground unconsciously. Ding Yun visited the mother of Xu Chong with her fruit, and with her perseverance, her harsh mother Xu has slowly smiled at her. Xu Yun found her hobby paper-cut, Ding Yun decided to take this as a breakthrough Xu mother likes. Xu Chong gave the "My Heart Still" scarf to the moon and also revealed her true sincerity to the moon. He said he always wanted to give her the best, but never thought about what she wanted. He wanted to understand that as long as she Pleased, he fully supports her decision.

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