Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep7:Episode 7

Cao Yang to the clothing store looking for the moon, he boasted to the moon that steel business is now doing, one hundred and two hundred thousand million nothing, those who inadvertently listened intently, then into the store a modern girl thoughtfully Glancing at him. The introduction of modern clothes to the modern girl on the moon, the woman suspected too bad clothes 200, the moon touched my heart the most expensive clothes out to introduce, and sure enough that the woman is very satisfied, but the color is too dark, she let the moon help her Scratched the phone, she took the clothes to the door to see it. Because the moon just saw her take a call, and the style was full on the phone that the list below 100,000 without going through her, there is no doubt, plus this time a male customer said to give her girlfriend to buy clothes, but also Let the moon wear to see him, after some tossing moon found that modern girl has disappeared with the clothes disappeared. Gu Jie know the most expensive clothes no breathless, the moon hurried to the phone to Gu Jie, Gu Jie saw the result is a toy phone, the natural moon this job is lost, have to pay an expensive dress money. Zhao Lia and co-found female Cao Yang Yang, the two co-starred in a pair of spring, Zhao Ling gracefully walk in front of that guy rushed up from behind to grab the bag to go, Cao Yang Road, see unequaled leg chase , Then the accomplice hurriedly threw the bag and everything was out of the bag. Cao Yang helped Zhao Ling clean up and saw her business card. She learned that she was a junior deputy director of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. at a young age. Zhao Ling said that it was uncle's care, uncle is Panzhihua Iron and Steel leadership, Cao Yang suddenly felt the opportunity to fall from heaven. The moon came to Chiang's office. Chiang was told that she would donate 300,000 yuan each year to Hope Project. Apart from offering love, he also thought it was a cost-effective business and he could enhance his personal image and enjoy tax relief. Series of benefits, he said he can fund three of their siblings until college graduation, but his condition is to the moon and Jiang JiaNan off the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, and promised not to come. Moonlight cold congratulations, Jiang made the most cost-effective business in this life, because they broke up a week ago, he can save the money. Cao Yang proposed to cooperate with Zhao Ling. Zhao Ling took charge of the indicator. He was responsible for finding a home and earning half the money. Zhao Ling sews clothes to the old doll in her hand and the younger brother says to buy her a new one, and she says she wants it. Inside the room came out a big guy asked Zhao Ling how Cao Yang no news? Is it not heavy enough under her bait? Cao Yang's friends here also worry that Zhao Ling is a liar, but Cao Yang said that it should not be like looking at her clothes just to get the average person's two-month salary. Besides, he also inquired about Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. Secretary, but also red-headed documents. Cao Yang's friend wanted to contact Zhao Ling for insurance. On the phone, Zhao Ling could not get away from it. It was a matter of cooperation. It might have been canceled. Someone led a large leader to let her put all the indicators out. This was even her Uncle are afraid to mess with people, only the next opportunity to cooperate again. Cao Yang, who turned out to be suspicious, was in a hurry and asked Zhao Ling to cut her target down and make more money for her.Zhao Ling sees the big fish hooked up, and looks so dressed as to say that since they are so close friends, she goes to activities again, dividing into five or five minutes. Look for Xu Chong to play a scene for her in the moonlight, trying to break Jiang JiaNan's thoughts and let him go abroad with peace of mind. Jiang JiaNan saw the moon and Xu Chong in hand, feeling like a fool. Now he just wants to leave as soon as possible. My father got off to thank the moon, asked what she wanted, as long as the ability to give within his ability, the moon told him that he wanted his father still, mother healthy, which is he gave it.

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