Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep13:Episode 13

Xu Chong found a star by the river. He told the stars that he was in love with the moon. He told her that they wanted to tell her that the moon did not seduce himself. It was his own choice to fall in love with the moon. Say that although his confession to the bright moon, but the moon refused, he guessed because of the stars, the moon did not want to hurt his sister. Moon back home with a wound, Ye Li asked her sisters actually for a boy hands, is it true? The moon promised her mother will not let the stars hurt. The moon said to Xu Chong that they will not meet until the stars figure it out. Xu Chong did not want Ding Yun to continue to misunderstand. Ding Yunyun met and said something about it. He said he was grateful to Ding Yun for his admiration. However, he only loved the moon and the moon and also loved him. He tried his best to be with the moon. Moon goes to school to catch the stars, to take her to see the vocal teacher Xu Chong introduced before, Wu LaoShi a try at the star's voice is very satisfied, coupled with the moon's perseverance, although the star does not have a foundation, Wu LaoShi decided Take her student. The moon promises the stars that she wants her to buy whatever she wants if she can go to the conservatory. Unexpectedly, the star proposed to her elder sister to her eldest brother, and the moon solemnly said to her sister if Xu Chong was something, she must have given her no hesitation, but he was alone, and she was not entitled to determine his own thinking. The star said that her sister had promised that she would not fall in love with her brother if she did not agree. This shows that her sister is not enough to love her brother, and the moon said it was not so. She really loved Xu Chong, but she loved her sister more. Ding Yun came to the restaurant to apologize to the moon, she said she subconsciously told the star deliberately, the scab on her head is caused by himself, said to take something to smash his head, where the moon has been soft hearted Ding Yun said holding them will always be good friends. As if overnight the star figured out, she took Xu Chong to her sister's restaurant, but Xu Chong refused to go in, saying that the month said they would not meet until the star accepted them. The stars dragged Xu Chong to the moon and said to them, "How are you both loving?" Xu Chong did not expect that it would not take a few days to get around the corner. He really got the moon and he felt he was the happiest person in the world. Back home at night the moon, the star make fun of her said she thought she and her brother lingering into the middle of the night yet. At the same time reminding my sister must beware of Ding Yun, the moon did not agree, think Ding Yun very good, not only to apologize to myself, but also to bless them and Xu Chong it, the stars feel weird, this attitude change too Ding Yun too Right? Jing rarely encountered mudslides, Liu Shu a rainy day living in spite of survivors, all others were flooded mudslide, light rain homeless with only simple and poor luggage defected to the moon. I learned that I can never see my own biological parents again, and the moon can not help but feel sorry.

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