Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep4:Episode 4

The moon has been lying in bed, my mother has been disheartened, she came to her mother's bed with her younger brother, let them read their own composition, looking forward to their future happy life, hoping to arouse their mother's desire to survive. The next morning the early morning moon was awakened by the familiar voice in the kitchen. She saw her busy preparing breakfast for them and heard the mother's chatter. The moon was happy to cry out. Ye Li always inexplicable weakness, legs soft, fall, the moon urged her mother to go to the hospital for examination. The test results came out, is myasthenia gravis, the doctor said patients will gradually lose their ability to act, life skills, and even paralyzed, but if well controlled, the course is still very long. Mingyue fight spirit to comfort her mother, so that she fully cooperate with the doctor for treatment, all the family she took care of. A star tomorrow, a mother may be paralyzed, the first worry is that if my sister went abroad to study with Jiang JiaNan, who care for her mother, who will take care of them? The moon said she does not go. Jiang JiaNan received a letter of acceptance from the University of Pennsylvania. My father specifically went home early to give him a special celebration. Jiang JiaNan was so excited and remembered that it was impossible for him to go abroad in the moon. And when you finish your university and then go abroad, you will have a broader choice. My father did not agree, let him leave on the visa. Xu Chong from time to time on the subject do not understand to find counseling, she told the moon she really fell in love with big brother, the moon laughed at her sister by virtue of that performance is absolutely impossible, if you can improve the scores of a few chances, The star then asked her sister to help her plan for review. Ye Li unit leaders suggested that she should be cured. She was concerned about the economic situation in her home. She was back in support of her medical treatment in the moon, so she could have a good rest. Ye Li looks for a leader who wants to apply for a subsidy. The leader said that the unit is actually going to recruit a receptionist. Although the salary is not high, it is also subsidized for the family. It is better to let her be out of school for work, Ye Li hesitated to consider. Ye Li to find the moon to discuss whether the university can not directly participate in the work Yeah, but the moon said he wanted to enter the university, if she was admitted to college to ensure work-study program, to their own scholarship, my mother helpless the deposit slip at home until the moon, let her See, their family must go to work to earn money. The moon said the teacher may want to drop out of school thoughts, the teacher felt sorry for her, said to the school to apply for exemption from their siblings three tuition and fees, so she must not drop out. Liu Shui who had fostered the moon and Aunt Tao Zi heard about Xia LiSheng immediately came to the door is to cry on his knees. Ye Li said they got it right and asked them to help her get her idea.

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