Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep28:Episode 28

Moon full of confidence came to the Chiang Group ready to elaborate their point of view on their board of directors, she saw a corridor in the corridor of the elderly because of the wheel can not be picked up the paper bag to worry about, the moon is very natural In the past, helping him to pick up the paper bag, push the wheelchair to the conference room, pour a cup of tea for the old man, and then return to the corridor to get his own things, all fall into the eyes of Jiang JiaNan's father. The meeting began, the moon has not yet started its own show, Chiang Kai-shek told her not to say that it was enough, so she went to the meeting room next door waiting for the message, the moon some monks Zhang two puzzled. Jiang JiaNan can not stand up anymore. He asked his father why he did not talk about credit, but his father said that time is money for all of you here. They do not need to waste that thirty minutes. The board finally passed the vote, agreed to invest Mingyue Lou. Ming Yun invited Ding Yun to be the chief financial officer of Mingyue Lou, and Ding Yun looked very sincere to say she was willing to work together with the moon. Light rain thanked Xu Chong for her sister to do everything, she gave Xu brother feel wronged, obviously paid so much, but my sister did not know anything. Ming Moon House opened, tomorrow before the blind date object Zheng Chun in the Mingyue Lou welcome, see Zheng Chun very happy tomorrow, but Zheng Chun mistakenly thought he chase their own to catch up with the moon tower, but also accused him of ghost, Later, seeing that the moon really turns out to be tomorrow's sister, Zheng Chun's attitude has changed greatly from one hundred and eighty degrees to invite her to eat tomorrow. The twinkling of an eye came to the New Year's Eve at the turn of the century. The moon family rejoiced and their stars called from Guangzhou to greet their families. They said Cao Yang's business in Guangzhou was smooth and he was very happy to know that everything was good at home. Jiang JiaNan came to see the fireworks with the moon in about the moon. In the face of the inviting invitation of Jiaonan, the moon seems to be unable to refute the reasons for refusal. Xu Yun's family Ding Yun personally cooks and suggests that everyone drink a bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year. Ding Yun and his parents called together to see Ding Yun a murmuring look, Xu mother opened his son asked Ding Yun why it is embarrassing, Ding Yun said her parents talked to her yesterday, saying that both For thousands of years, how has she and Xu Chong been making no progress? Xu mother know that this can not be delayed, he let his son talk about the New Year what plan, Xu Chong but said some net work, talking about and Ding Yun lifetime event, he only pushed to say this year. Ding Yun took advantage of the promise of her mother to pull his son to go whisper again started a small move, she poured the liquor Xu Chong cup, just want to drunk Xu Chong to cook cooked rice. Zheng Chun, another heroine on the other side of the scene, started to act. She brought her presents and went on a door visit. She saw Ye Li introducing himself as a girlfriend tomorrow, and she was anxious to get her tomorrow. She took the opportunity to ask for the moon tower The cashier, tomorrow is naturally full of promised. Xu Chong woke up and saw Ding Yun lying beside him. He understood what was going on, he felt terribly painful, and Ding Yun was angry leaving a thunderstorm. Xu Chong could not find Ding Yun everywhere. He felt Ding Yun should have gone to their alma mater.

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