Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep31:Episode 31

Zheng Chun pretended to divorce tomorrow, do not want to harm tomorrow no child in this life, summer home off the incense. Tomorrow said no children no big deal, both of them in this life too, still quiet and carefree. Zheng Chun cried cried, and slowly cut into the question, she asked tomorrow to ask her sister to go back to work on the moon, she really can not stand nothing, she would be mad at home. Tomorrow, do not even agree to her. Ding Yun suddenly submitted her letter of resignation. She said she was going to marry Xu Chong. After her marriage, she wanted to take good care of her home and take good care of Xu Chong. The wedding is scheduled for next Monday. She invited Mingyue and Jiang JiaNan to join. Before leaving, Ding Yun finally showed her true colors. She said she finally won the moon, and the moon smiled and said that there is still no match between them? Ding Yun said the month has been running in the front, of course, no feeling. The moon has to say as the best friend, I wish her happiness. Mingyue called on the drizzle to say next Monday Shanghai's visit or she personally went to her really no courage to attend Xu Chong and Ding Yun's wedding. Ding Yun and Ding Yun will be married, but Xu Chong still let go of the moon, he came alone to his alma mater's classroom, cherish their memory of the past. Just as Xu Chong sank into tears in the classroom of the year when he was sitting in the classroom of the same year, the moon also wrote "Xu Chong you must be happy" in the terminal lounge of the airport. Jiang JiaNan find the moon's office to know she went to Shanghai on business, passionate good Nan immediately catch up with Shanghai. When the moon shoves her into the hotel drunk and finds the corridor leading to her own room full of rose petals and opens the door into the sea of ​​roses. Jiang JiaNan appears, laughing with a smile on the moon The florid is the "love", in the face of Jiang JiaNan's romantic offensive, the extremely painful moon decided to indulge themselves. The newlywed Xu Chong found Ding Yun feeling totally embarrassed. He had to force himself to face Ding Yun by alcoholic anesthesia. Ding Yun realized that he had always been self-defeating. She angrily hit the house , Pick up broken glass suicide, Xu Chong only tightly around her, not saying in a row repeatedly I'm sorry. Early morning wake up, looking at his naked body, listening to the shower came from the bathroom, the moon aware of what happened between and Nan, she jumped out of bed late to wear shoes on the luggage on a stepping Rose Petals flee from the hotel, Nan came out of the bathroom out of the moon to know she escaped, he caught the airport to catch the moon, and asked what is the meaning of her? He wants to sleep to run? He let Xia MingYue take responsibility for himself. Mingyue apologize to Nan Nan, saying that we are all adults, and Nan Nan is furious, saying that such an opening is what he said to a woman. Mingyue said he did not love him and did not dare to face him. Jia Nan did not believe he loved her. He said he would rely on her in his life. His Excellency the Vice President of Chiang Kai-shek Group did not hesitate to play a rogue in the moon. Jia Nan said he now wants to sign a contract in Shenzhen, a week later came back to her proposal. Mingyue to pick up the plane, just want to say good words to summon Jiaonan brave enough, suddenly aunt Yun to call, Chiang sudden death of the father died, Jia Nan luggage can not attend to the hospital, the moon naturally No chance to say it.The moon has been commissioned by others looking for a real moon, came the news that she was looking for someone in a prison in Guangzhou, the original true moon was stealing the clothes of the Mingyue clothing store and cheating Zhao Ling of Cao Yang. Severe SARS epidemic, Mingyue floor to withstand an unprecedented test, the city has 50% of the restaurants closed, subordinates said that their current situation can only support up to one hundred days, the moon said it would sustain it for a hundred days Say it again

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