Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep1:episode 1

High school girl Xia MingYue fearless, brother Xia MingTian walkman was Cao Yang snatched but could not dare to recover, Xia MingYue know after picking up the broom to catch up with the men's mantle Cao Yang to Walkman back. Zhao ZhuRen, Zhao ZhuRen from Cao Yang, apparently heard the noise, apparently both of whom have violated the school rules, were allowed to stand in front of the bulletin board, saw the lunch time, and students come and go Pointing to them, the moon saw the sister star walked over to let her take the meal, but her sister suspected her shameless, claiming she did not know her. When classmate Xu Chong saw Zhao ZhuRen coming home, he secretly sent the buns to Xia MingYue, watched Cao Yang dry and hungry, and let the moon go hand in hand in front of the moon, but did not forget to keep up with him Listen back. Cao Yang ate the buns nowhere to shuffle and readily place behind the top three Jiang JiaNan English speech contest the first prize of the good news to tear off, Jiang JiaNan until torn good news not only did not get angry and said I had wanted to tear it , But also said that if the moon really feel embarrassed to help him value the day to do. When I got home, my mother's scolding came to cover her face. The explanation of the moon was to help my brother get back to fight with the man. The mother said she did not have a girl, and actually fought with the boys to hit the men's room. Xia LiSheng After work wife complained to him that the daughter could not control, but Xia LiSheng decided to hear the story of the incident, he took his daughter out for dinner, eating and drinking, the moon said happily after learning to father, less impulsive, More brains. Mingyue complained to her father's eccentric mother, Xia LiSheng said her mother most suffer for her to eat, but because of her care, she foster home to Liu. Jiang JiaNan did not come to class, his father could not find him everywhere, anxious to report to the police. Xia MingYue remembered that Jiang JiaNan and Cao Yang were just in contact with Jiang JiaNan at the school gate just to give money to let Cao Yang go to his father's wedding ceremony at noon. Jiang JiaNan told her that he had divorced his parents for five years. He always looked forward to their remarriage. He did not expect yesterday that his father told him he was getting married, and that her mother was married last year. After Xia MingYue open solution, Jiang JiaNan suddenly figured out, as long as my father happy, he wants to get married it. Jiang JiaNan before Xia MingYue tomboy-like personality disdain, after his father's wedding suddenly felt lovely moon, he asked the moon to be his girlfriend, but the moon said he did not like this, Jiang JiaNan decided to play a gamble with the moon , Promised to catch her hand in three months. Xia MingXing crush on Jiang JiaNan, a man secretly hide the room to write a love letter to him, Xia MingYue found lessons learned Dayton, said she was dissatisfied with the two subjects two hundred percent what qualifications puppy? Ming Yun's friend, Ding Yun, cried out to Xu Chong. She said that Xu Chong was a good man in the moon. She encouraged Ding Yun to write a love letter to Xu Chong and clip them into Xu Chong's notebook. Xia MingXing Help her send her love letter, Jiang JiaNan directly to the account of Xia MingYue's head, he half-hearted cut off the moon, took out a love letter that these words is what he wanted to say to her, Xia MingYue baffling, readily grab The love letter goes to plug Xu Chong again.As a result, there were two love letters in Xu Chong's notebook. The teacher suddenly took away Xu Chong's book. Xu Chong took only one copy and the other fell out of his notebook. The teacher found that Yun Yun was exposed to school Discipline and thus lose the opportunity to send key schools, Xia MingYue generously to the teacher that love letter was written by her, did not expect Jiang JiaNan to admit mistakes before her, Xia MingYue naturally have been a good reprimand by his mother.

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