Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Ep10:Episode 10

Liu Shu from the countryside to see the moon, see the moon alone in cleaning the exterior of a tall building, not to mention how sad, he took the moon to go back to the countryside, but the moon firmly refused to drop this family, Liu Shu heart distress daughter then follow She worked together. Moon to Liu Shu Ming Ming month to find out really turned off the moon, and look like the moon, Liu Shu told her that as a child is thin, big eyes, there are scalds on his arm had a scar. Liu Shu back to the countryside before her daughter do not be stubborn, it really can not go on, with the family back to the scene rarely, where poor conditions, but full stomach no problem. Ming Liu shouted Liu Shu, said that such a star, tomorrow grew up, able to feed themselves, and she went back to King rarely go back to do Liu's daughter, filial piety and his aunt Tao Zi, take care of younger brother and sister. Sent Liu Shuming moonlight home on the fainted the past, 39 degrees high fever has been unable to retreat, Ye Li from his daughter's pocket found in the contract to clean the walls and wages, the moon told her mother living expenses at home, There was also a start-up fund for the diner, and Ye Li was moved by her daughter's tears. Xu Chong sent her carefully collected recipes for the bright moon and the pocket money she saved from her childhood. She insisted on refusing to accept the moon. Xu Chong said it was not a donation and it was an investment. The moon goes to see Cao Yang grandmother, is actually Cao Yang to open the door, the bright moon tensely pushed Cao Yang to the door, for fear of being discovered, then knocked on the outside of the door again, the moon let Cao Yang walked from the back door, still cloth Department and his grandmother play a fool over the debtor, Cao Yang looked at her as laughing, he opened the door generously, it really is debt collection came, the wealthy Cao Yang threw a stack of money from the suitcase , Pretend to owe them how much money? When creditors answered 140,000, Cao Yang scoffed and said he owed them 1.4 million! The creditors wanted to go with their money. Cao Yang could not agree. He said when he heard that he was not there, they smashed his grandfather's jug of funeral, and also deposed the idol of the Third Fox God. He asked her how her grandmother wanted Handle this matter. Grandma Cao Yang said that they should write "I am a grandson" on their foreheads, and then walk through the city's north-south doors within eight hours. Creditors are afraid to offend Cao Yang, just out of the door non-stop. Moon Biz won how much money Cao Yang? Cao Yang said he went out to know a capable brother, the money is his brother to borrow him, and later slowly return him. Moon that strange brother that what ah, he said the big brother to open a trading company, profits are in the 50 to 90, so these are small money yet. Cao Yang proposed to be friends with the moon and said both of them were dropouts. A pride was forthright and the family was well-behaved. It was a natural twin, but the moon said the two were not suitable, and she had no feeling for him . Cao Yang was rejected not discouraged, bought flowers chasing the moon, moon where he followed where. Cao Yang watched her catch up with the moon, took her grandmother to visit Ye Li, and grandmother brought a big bag of gifts, but also brought the heirloom to propose a marriage to Cao Yang.

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