Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]
Moon hugging the stars(TV)[2015]

《Moon hugging the stars》Cast

Xia MingYue Zhilei Xin Play)

As a big sister, Xia MingYue is a strong, kind-hearted and energetic inspirational girl who sacrifices her studies, youth, career, and even love to protect her loved ones. Tough and optimistic to maintain a family, take care of the parents of two families and children. Rebellious youth, adult tough; optimistic nature, acting magnanimous, but sometimes with a kind of evil. Struggling from a small vendor into Mingyue Lou, exhausted all her efforts. And Xu Chong Jiang JiaNan emotional entanglements, but also make her life full of tenderness and passionate romance.

Zhilei Xin

Zhilei Xin, born April 8, 1986 in Hegang, Heilongjiang Province, is an actress from mainland China and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In 2011, participating in the first TV series "Painted Skin", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2012, because of love drama "happens to love you" and attention. In 2014, starred in spy war suspense drama "Wang Dahua's revolutionary career." In 2015, starred in 3D sci-fi comedy movie "Unbelievable." In 2016, starring magical realism love movie "The Yangtze River map." In 2017, starred in costume action film "embroidered spring knife II: Shura battlefield"; the same year, participated in the Zhejiang satellite TV acting competition inspirational variety "The birth of the actor."

Xu Chong Tang Zeng Play)

Actor, described in modern language, he is the title of women's "affordable man", gentleman, gentle jade. Gentle, but there is no lack of principles. Xu Chong's love for the moon has been tangled up for a long time. Due to coincidences and opportunities, he has always remained the same for the moon and always paid for it without paying his own price. Unconsciously, he infiltrated and quietly sacrificed his life. He is the most understand the moon.

Tang Zeng

Tang Zeng, born in October 1985 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Mainland film and television actor. Graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy Performance Department. In 2012, people were paying attention to Tang Zeng, who plays the role of Zhao Tianliang, a male lead in the TV series "Educated Youth." In 2014, starring in rural drama drama "the pursuit of happiness days." In the same year, also starred in the realistic drama series TV series "Our Glorious Days", and Ke Lan staged Jiedi love. In 2015, starring in the TV drama "Love Your Life", the film plays a male had sunning. In the same year, starring by Ding He directed the TV series "Hugging the moon of the stars", plays a man Xu Chong. In the same year starred in the TV drama "blood and blood", the film played in overjoyed. In 2016 starring drama "won the gold war", the film plays a male Zhaohao. 2017 starring in the gangster theme drama "Chen Ergou's sinful life", the film plays the male No. one Chen Ergou.

Jiang JiaNan Xu Dai Play)

The rich second generation of aura to make him arrogant and domineering, juvenile proud talented he also has a variety of proud qualifications. Regardless of whether he is treating a career or treating love, he is always like a child crying for a toy, and will not give up until he reaches his goal. The moon is his biggest nemesis, and he also spent his life with the moon because of love or disloyalty. His logic of love is possession, is strong. Perhaps many women like, but unfortunately he is in love with the moon.

Xu Dai

Dai Xu, Chinese actor, was born in Beijing and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In 2010, Hong Kong director Luo Zhiliang favor, starred in the movie "Deserted apartment" official debut. In 2011, he cooperated with Huang Xiaoming and Chen Qiao'en to join John Woo in the film "The Wave and Wave Youth" and starred in "The Ark" in the gift presentation film "Party Albert" which was directed by Han Sanping for the 90th anniversary of founding. In 2012, she collaborated with Director Conroy and played "Joe Chen" in the drama "Our French Years." In 2013, with Andy Lau's film "First Love Not Enough," she won the "新 新 男演 员" Award at the 8th Chinese-Language Youth Video Forum and Zhang Xiaofei, the "Second Generation Xiaobing Bing" in the "War Thunder" directed by Xu Jizhou. In 2014, "wonderful family", "reunion dinner" has landed on the screen. In 2015, Dai Xu played the overbearing president "Jiang Jia Nan" in the drama "The moon that hugged the stars." In 2016, the drama "Chinese-style relationship" was broadcasted. Dai Xu's partner Chen Jianbin and Ma Yiwu played the corner of "Guan Qiang". In 2017, Dai Xu starred in "Guo Yu" at the online super-TV series "Unlicensed Crime". At the same time, a series of modern drama "venture era" and costumes IP Xian Xia play "swagger."

Xia MingXing ジュンジュン Play)

Moon's sister. More than beautiful, lack of intelligence, innocent temperament, so often touched, often confused, but also often angered. Mothers spoiled his brother, his father preferred the moon, from an early age, the star is a much neglected child. Bright moon is too bright, leading stars always live in the shadow of the moon, so a strong star, the subconscious moon as an imaginary enemy, any moon, she also have. But the stars are not bright moon, there is no understanding of the moon, the only star can only play their own beauty, so the stars everywhere to exaggerate the role of beauty, that can go hand in hand. Under this hypnosis, the star is a bit of a princess, her likes and dislikes are the center of the world, and others either have to surrender or be jealous. The confrontation between the stars and the moon was initially envy among the sisters. When the moon fulfilled the responsibility of the parents, the objects of jealousy and struggle between the sisters turned to laurels and the moon turned to rebel against the parents, so even if they were hurt outside , The stars do not easily throw in the towel. The moon once again hesitate to pay, and finally let the stars realize that love of the moon, not condescending, there is no laurel leftovers, the stars this completely subdue the moon; for what they want, the stars have a real insight .


Li Chun is a Chinese singer and actress. Better known as Junjun, she is a former member of the Japanese girl group Morning Musume. Along with Qian Lin, she is one of the few non-Japanese members in the history of Morning Musume.

More《Moon hugging the stars》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Guan Sen Sheng Xia MingTian The moon's brother. Pampered by her mother for a lifetime, in the face of a strong and correct sister, he is like a small boy, arrogant at home unreasonable, weak and weak outside. Gentle personality, lack of assertiveness, the emergence of his wife Zheng Chun let him fall in love, become Zheng Chun to the summer home "challenger" props. In the end, under the influence of the moon, tomorrow will be inspired mania.
Wang Xi Liu XiaoYu Ming sister, Liu XiaoYu came from a poor family, grew up to know that only by studying hard can go beyond the family, for themselves to seek a better future. She is very clever, very hardworking, the performance has been excellent, but a sudden debris flow, claimed the lives of their parents, but also destroyed the dream of Xiao Yu, she only defected to the sister of the moon, in order to stay in the city summer home, Yu rain pleasing to the rest of the family members but was bewitched look down on the imperfect growth in the family psychology of some extreme, in order to steal college sophomore star test time, fulfill their own admitted to college. After graduating through their own efforts to enter the hotel operating the moon, paid a lot of finally became vice president, but still have selfish heart, set up their own supply company to earn the sister of the moon hotel purchase price, credulity Finance Director Ding Yun was framed at the expense False testimony was almost imprisoned in the next month, eventually regret leaving this city with many stories.
Mincheng Li Cao Yang The moon's childhood friend. Simple simple bully, generous, generous, a muscle. With high school drop-out fist, decent in the rivers and lakes. In my heart, Cao Yang is kind and sincere. He also loved the moon, perhaps because of worship, but his life-long struggle with the woman is the moon's sister star. In fact, the two are also matched, and the bones are simple and pure souls.
Zoe Zhou Ding Yun Mingyue student era best friend. Sven soft surface, often frightened, often cry, but a lot of inner workings. Since the third year of the exam, the moon overtook Ding Yun in one fell swoop, Ding Yun's inner jealousy began to sprout. Ding Yun is all about Xu Chong, a man who has been crush on since her junior high school, and has run Ding Yun for most of her career. Ding Yun, who was stubborn and unconvinced, started to move to the other extreme when all his gifts were not answered by each other.
Xiner Lu Zhao Ling No introduction
Yang Zuqing Zheng Chun No introduction
Vincent Tao Bai QiuYang No introduction
(None) Xiao Han No introduction
(None) Jiang ChengJia No introduction
(None) Huang LiJuan No introduction
Kaimin Guo Xia LiSheng No introduction
(None) Ye Li No introduction
(None) Jia Yun No introduction
(None) Chen XiaoWei No introduction
(None) Wang LaoShi No introduction
(None) Liang Xin No introduction
Lo Ta-yu Wang Yu No introduction
(None) Lao Deng No introduction
(None) Liu DaChun No introduction
(None) Cao NaiNai No introduction
(None) Liang Ge No introduction
(None) Cui Cui No introduction
(None) Tao Zi No introduction
(None) Xiao Bing No introduction
(None) Zhang Kuo No introduction
(None) Gu Jie No introduction
(None) Zhao ZhuRen No introduction
(None) Liu Qi No introduction
(None) Lin ChunBai No introduction
(None) Wu LaoShi No introduction
(None) Wei Shu No introduction
(None) Da Tou No introduction
(None) Yi Zong No introduction
(None) Xu XiaoHong No introduction
(None) Lin Ge No introduction
(None) Guo XueDong No introduction
(None) Lai Xin No introduction
(None) Zhang Li No introduction
(None) Da Peng No introduction
(None) Xiu Xiu No introduction
(None) Ding Mu No introduction
(None) Ding Fu No introduction
(None) Zhu Li No introduction
(None) Cao YangShouXia No introduction
(None) Meng DeYu No introduction
(None) Lao Liao No introduction
(None) Li Ge No introduction
(None) Tang YiSheng No introduction
(None) Fang Biao No introduction
(None) Xiao Dai No introduction
(None) Xiao MingYue No introduction
(None) Xiao RuiXue No introduction
Salsa Chen Lao Lin No introduction
(None) Liu XiaoBing No introduction
Yang as Jiu Wang ZaiMo No introduction
(None) Ceng Yong No introduction
(None) Wen ZhaoYang No introduction
Fu Hongwei Zhang HongDa No introduction
(None) Ai LiSi No introduction

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