Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep16:lee hui yuan was used to harm six princes Li Yu and chongming to take on Long Qing

Ning Que I didn't think Chao XiaoShu Before he left, he had already prepared some industries for him, fearing that he would be down and out. Chao XiaoShu finally woke up. He found that there was a disciple of jiange guarding his side and took away his sword Liu Bai The secret agent wanted to kill Chao XiaoShu, but he disappeared without a trace.

Six princes illness aggravates is unconscious, looks in danger, summer discovered six princes in the corrupt bone ice body, immediately blocks the imperial palace thoroughly to investigate the murderer, summer also lets the tang king avoid, summer exert all strength for six princes drive poison. The king of tang vowed to investigate the matter thoroughly and immediately Li Yu And li huyuan called to ask for accountability, li huyuan scared to no avail, he was originally intended to let the six princes vomit diarrhea, did not expect li mingchi to give him poison. The summer helps six princes detoxify, sees the tang king in chastises Li Yu and Li hui round, in a hurry to come to beg for love, but Li Yu simply does not accept the sentiment, also vigorously maintains Li hui round, condemns summer killed his own mother.

The king of tang was so angry that he became angry. He sent Li Yu back to the princess's palace on the spot and thought behind him. Tang guessed that someone was using lee to harm the sixth emperor, immediately ordered to thoroughly investigate the mastermind. Li mingchi saw that the six princes were safe and sound. He doubted that there was a magic Pope in the palace. Otherwise, no one could solve the poison of bone and ice.

Ning Que had a lot of money overnight. He didn't want to live a frugal life any more. Sang Sang He didn't appreciate it and sold his words at a high price, lest Ning Que be expelled from the academy and Ning Que quit talking to him.Li hui yuan was trapped in the princess palace closed the door to think, he insisted only to the six princes under the laxative, Li Yu forced him to explain the backroom, Li Yu believe that the summer was deliberately planted, Li Yu reminded him not to do bad things, she would rather powder, but also to install Li hui yuan to sit on the throne.

Tangwangshan of Li Yu and Li Hui round disappointed, he accidentally discovered under the emperor's character, "the other day" flowers, immediately, she will call the imperial over Xu Chongshan question Xu Chongshan suddenly recalled eloth lack the Ning Que, Ning Que sneak into royal study, Xu Chongshan dare not say out, tang and make the people caught trespassing royal study, immediately Xu Chongshan blame lack of also warned him to help Ning Que hide, lest cause of the murder.

Ning Que came to the old building, see more shade is lesson dried tangerine or orange peel skin, also warned that he wants to know the rules, more shade, Ning Que again with sarcasm, dried tangerine or orange peel to deliberately bring he Sang Sang as the steamed bread, Ning Que thanks to the strong support of the dried tangerine or orange peel skin, just let him get through the air sea mountains, want to and dried tangerine or orange peel skin to learn, dried tangerine or orange peel skin advised him not to be impatient, and a close look at it, and found him ten qi hai snow mountain 7, he is only ten qiao, standing on the practice between life, or down, Ning Que defy spirit, He has been able to perceive a lot of world affairs. Chen PI PI reminded him that he has entered a stage of disenchantment, and asked him to use his mindfulness to cultivate his own exclusive perception, that is, his inherent life. Only by practicing his own life can the practitioner achieve unity with heaven and earth and improve the realm of practice. Ning Que ton MAO plug, want to find their own life as soon as possible, also guessed that the life of Chen PI PI is fat.

When Li Yu was beaten by the king of tang for the first time, she was so sad that she had to drink out of sorrow and hua shan had to accompany her. At this time, chongming came to see Li Yu and drove out hua shan yue to have a drink with him. Chongming regretted that he had been born in the house of the emperor. Li Yu could not help but tell him the bitterness in his heart Long Qing To replace him in the tang dynasty, but also to do Fu Zi Chongming's personal disciple, chongming is even less likely to succeed the throne, but now Li Yu is also difficult to protect himself, Li Yu vowed not to let Long Qing achieve the goal, chongming advised her to get back on her feet, and Li peiyan and Li peiyan teamed up, not only to stop Long Qing, but also to complete the lee hui yuan, two people hit it off.

Four masked and black-clad killers broke into the city of toya overnight, killing the guards and coming Xia Hou The bedroom, Xia Hou early that they had been found, his three boxing two feet will kill those people, he just want to ask that survived the killer, the man suddenly committed suicide, Xia Hou sent searched the assassin, found that they were never sent, Xia Hou decided to write a letter, overnight tangwangshan explaining the truth, don't let the yan-guo prince Long the Qing yan.

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