Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep28:Ning Que successfully drew the first fuhuang people to move south to get the golden tent royal court

Yan was carrying Ning Que On a boat in the middle of the lake, he personally peeled peanuts for Ning Que to eat. Seeing the scene, Ning Que couldn't help but think of his father who had also peeled peanuts for him. He wanted to ask yan se for a charm, but yan se asked him to finish his charm with his own hands.

Ning Que practice by state run amok, he let slip that magic, dried tangerine or orange peel skin frighten panic, forbid him to mention the two words, but Ning Que are more curious, want to see the magic of face, do not believe those handy, dried tangerine or orange peel skin but had to do their own stunts the creek refers to god the Ning Que uniforms, Ning Que can't wait to follow him learn creek refers to god.

It was raining, but Ning Que didn't care Sang Sang Dissuade alone standing at the door, he carefully listen to the rain, feel the weather between, succeeded in drawing out his life as a first line of character, Sang Sang happily cheered, elder sister you perceive Ning Que has achieved rune, also all happy for him, dried tangerine or orange peel skin can't help but like stranger a fuss, but your message think because of your encourage compliment. Fu Zi Deeply gratified by this, can not help but praise yan se. Yan se soon heard that Ning Que had drawn the charm, and he cried with joy. Li qingshan congratulated him immediately.

Ye HongYu Knowing that Ning Que drew the divinity charm, and his name also entered the book of heaven, he secretly vowed to fight to the death with Ning Que, Ye HongYu did not dare to delay, immediately returned to the adjudication department, proposed to let the master teach Long Qing < / p > < p > to get rid of Ning Que, god not only put Ning Que's name into the book, but also want everyone to know that the swordsman killed in the southern jin dynasty in addition Chao XiaoShu And Ning Que, just to annoy the swordsman Liu Bai To provoke conflict between them.

Long Qing hurried to catch up with Ye HongYu and questioned her face to face about her visit, for the purpose of humiliating herself, not just to report that Ning Que had been included in the book of the day. Ye HongYu retorted back, which disgraced Long Qing. Drink offering on winning the banquet capital celebrities from all walks of life, the king university invited to participate in, to make fun of in public gold drink offering people said daughter gold threads and Ning Que is old, but he just collect a bunch of copybook fakes, was not a Ning Que reproductions, king college students achievement of claim that he has a chicken soup for real, for his kind invitation you visit to the palace, king drink offering spirit teeth, immediately sent someone to the academy, make gold color without the Ning Que please come here and let everyone see the owner of the chicken soup for Ning Que.

The party of gold festival wine waited until dark from day to day, and then Ning Que was invited to bisheng residence without any color of gold. Some people immediately gathered around Ning Que and asked her questions from east to west. Ning Que was overwhelmed. At the same time, Sang Sang comes to the princess house, to Li Yu < / p > < p > about Ning Que draw the first runes of the process and wonderful moment, but Li Yu does not think, she is only concerned about Ning Que and what people recently, what is busy, Li Yu learned that the gold festival wine Ning Que please go, concluded that Ning Que must lose money this time. Ning Que was so kind that she wrote down a copy of the post on the spot. Bachelor wang fainted with excitement and Ning Que took the opportunity to escape.

Lin zero to Xia Hou < / p > < p > life, Ning Que has become Fu Zi's disciple, want to get rid of him in the future will be more difficult, Xia Hou can only send people secretly stare at Ning Que, and then wait to see the change. Fu Zi observed that the night was approaching, and the wild people began to move southward from the far north wilderness. They conquered the city all the way, and as the messengers of haotian, the people of xiling never allowed the evil deeds of magic zong to enter half a step. They showed no mercy to the wild people and killed them completely.

The great god of light summoned the troops and practitioners from all the departments of the xiling to fight against the wild people from the wasteland. Wild attack on their camp, the two sides battle, eventually destroyed about a great victory, return to teach anger flared up, tang led people take a break, xiling troops back, they play a calm and quickly wipe out all of the enemy of the invasion, tang led 56-point thrashing, straight for gold account however, regain their territory. At the same time, Xia Hou got secret protection, the famine has entered the heart of the golden tent court. < / p > < p > cheng lixue tried to persuade the oracle of the great god officer not to spend his life yuan spy on the future, but he has seen the book Ming Ming character scroll recorded the wasteland. Ning Que borrowed a lot of money from Sang Sang to practice her magic charms as soon as possible. Sang Sang was so distressed that he was not allowed to waste any more of his family's money. Ning Que had to borrow money from her senior brothers and sisters in the academy.

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