Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep10:chongming destroyed the recovery of the parliament.

Xu chongshan grabbed a number of yan spies and found the tokens from them. At this time, chongming felt a little depressed after drinking the wine and told the public that it might be destroyed here in a short time. The spies outside were caught one by one. They had no way out now. He mingchi persuaded chongming to leave, but chongming almost went mad, heartbroken yan so many years of painstaking efforts have been destroyed in his hands, he mingchi comforted chongming to stay in the green mountains without wood burning, which was also the last wish of the first emperor, chongming followed.

When xu chongshan came with people to the underground palace, it was already all dead bodies. On the throne, he saw the mask left by chongming.

Chongming made an appeal to the king of the tang dynasty, claiming that he had no control over the people of the state of yan before they were allowed to kill them Li Yu ", and said that the book must return to the state of yan to inquire about this matter, one day if they can go back will also be cured this unhealthy trend. The king of the tang dynasty looked at chongming up and down. He told chongming that he should not do other people's guns without knowing it. Chongming immediately said he would keep it in mind. He was ordered to retire by the king of tang. Tangwangshan looked at the back of chongming worried, at that time, Li Yu in tangwangshan concerns about, Li Yu told tangwangshan this thanks to chongming she was unscathed, just worry about Li Hui round one thousand injured trouble, tangwangshan saw this he agreed to let Li Hui round go to college now, self-defense, Li Yu, thank big tangwangshan, father-in-law to quote at this time, the six prince was very ill, tangwangshan she turned and left the other, Li Yu, thoughtful.

Roque's enemies knew that chongming had destroyed the yan restoration council, which had been set up. They thought chongming was a waste and planned to give up his choice Long Qing . I'm afraid that Long Qing just wants to go to the hall of light, so he wants to get rid of all the people in the hall of light.

The king of yan was also very angry after he knew about chongming, and scolded him for his failure and failure. He told the king of xi ling to tell him about it. The king of yan accused mo of leaving the war of the yantang dynasty. The state of yan was subject to the imperial edict of xiling, where were the people of xiling when the army of the state of yan was defeated. At the same time, the king of yan also believed that a small restoration of the parliament simply can not be an enemy of the tang dynasty, mo li saw no more.

Long the Qing back to xiling peach hill, send icy snow lotus back to cada, cada ng know this require sacrifice Long the Qing can read a lot of force has been frozen snow lotus, the "blame" Long the Qing shouldn't do this, Long the Qing ask whether cada ng like, cada gilgamesh did not took the snow lotus, but advise Long don't do so, after the Qing Long the Qing heart sad, instant frozen thawed into water droplets, snow lotus also wither instantly fell on the ground. Lu chenjia gave Long Qing a medicine to drink to restore his strength, and also told Long Qing that she is crazy and willing to protect the beautiful flowers in the world, but Long Qing is not, should not do these things.

Ning Que Feel oneself must test bad, plan and Sang Sang We will go back to wei city to look for general ma. Sang Sang persuaded Ning Que that there are still many things to do besides the college entrance examination. We cannot go back now. As expected, this day Ning Que surprised all the people and also shocked Ning Que, and began to be proud and complacent. Chu proudly showed Ning Que to the public as his good brother, which caused the public envy.

The great god of the hall of light was suddenly poisoned, and xuanyi god official drank the wine that he thought was poisonous. Long Qing came here to stop him, but xuanyi insisted on drinking it. At the same time, he told Long Qing that there was no room for the hall of light in xiling, and those people could not wait. Xuanyi told Long Qing that the real center of the western mausoleum is the unknown place. He asked Long Qing to go there with a letter, hoping to help him. Long Qing suddenly saw someone eavesdropping and chasing out, but he was missing the masked man. But when I came back, I met a man who knew and watched Ye HongYu They did not know each other and Ye HongYu was masked. At this moment, the adjudicator came to the door and accused Long Qing of killing xuan yi and taking Long Qing away. Ye HongYu, the famous woman, the world's three chi of tao chi, a body of pride, has the world's unparalleled beauty, one heart cultivation, does not depend on other women representatives.

Long Qing rose up and suffered serious injuries and fled to taoshan to seek the help of lu chenjia, who was trying to drive away people, but was found to have blood on the flowers. Long Qing appeared together with lu Chen to deal with the department of justice. However, Ye HongYu was not the adversary of the adjudication department. In a critical moment, Ye HongYu appeared and killed the adjudication department. Purple ink hurriedly brought the people to retreat.

Long Qing 此时才知道 Ye HongYu 的身份,于是主动帮忙愿意一同对付罗克敌, Ye HongYu 却认为 Long Qing 的修为只会拖累她。罗克敌声称论修为自然是比不上 Ye HongYu ,但是他却有办法拿到罗克敌的下一步计划, Ye HongYu 这才愿意and Long Qing 联合。

Li ManMan and Fu Zi When he came down the mountain, he met Sang Sang and Ning Que at the gate of the academy. Li ManMan saw that Ning Que's umbrella was very willing to exchange one for another, but Ning Que was not willing to replace it. Li ManMan replied to Fu Zi. Fu Zi said he is the one who doesn't change.

Yellow crane let the wind of cao teacher taught the new disciple, named after the students in private chat, chu told by xian Ning Que he is not to read, come here looking for a wife, then one by one to Ning Que old, introduce the two girls, one is Stuart ylang, father is cloud general people, in the early years has died, she also have their own women, from the age of eight, wandered, rosefinch street is nobody can the enemy, also can't afford to offend. The other is gold without color, the father is the tang dynasty national children's prison gold sacrifice wine grandchild, is bad-tempered, but looks as beautiful as flowers. Xie SAN's son named xie chengyun and so on.

Cao zhifeng teaches everyone to learn the rules, and dazhong claims that there is no need to follow the rules, just like the tang dynasty beat yan, the fist is the hard truth, and li hui yuan and other several male dandies also coax praise dazhong speak of the truth, cao feng suddenly a number of boxing to dazhong, dazhong was beaten repeatedly begging for mercy. Ning Que confronted cao zhifeng about his behavior in the same way as what da jun said. Cao zhiqi told the public that if he wants to break the rules of the academy, he must be better than him. Now he is the rule. He was also introduced to the public as a yan. After that, cao zhifeng drove several people out of the classroom, including li hui, and then continued to take classes, which is also to give everyone a feel of fear, in this imperial nobles need to obey the rules.

The next day, yu curtain came to the library pavilion of the academy with many scholars, and told the public to collect all kinds of books here, known as the old book building.

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