Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep13:Long Qing turned to Wei GuangMing for help and was rejected by Ning Que and Chen PI PI for identification

Long Qing Come to you pavilion to see the god of light Wei GuangMing , and he told zhang teaches watched rocco enemy weed out the light, it was not until his hand block, and return to teach the fundamental penalties for rock enemy innocuous, Long the Qing to rescue Wei GuangMing justice, he want to take advantage of their own to open the door in captivity, but also of no help, best Wei GuangMing points out that his ability is not enough, there is no qualified for the children of light, also forced to Long the Qing nian away.

Ning Que 一觉醒来发现自己睡在红袖招,他赶忙起来找水喝,并写了一张纸条给 Sang Sang ", claiming not to go home to live tonight, let Sang Sang Sang to drink the chicken soup. Jane you send the grass to Ning Que called, telling him in college to study well, should not follow the aristocratic men play, make clear reader to brothel is to let people despise, Ning Que think Jane you somehow kind, thank you very much her teachings, Jane you remind Ning Que, if you want a chu from xian, Stuart ylang and others respect, will have great ability and wisdom, Ning Que swear their heyday of that day of, will to thank all the grace of the teachings of Jane Jane you can think of an old friend, The man promised to come, but never showed up Fu Zi The biggest legend outside, Ning Que was curious, but Jane didn't say much more. She asked the grass to get her car ready to drive her home to rest. Ning Que wanted to say hello to water pearl.

Water pearl was drinking with yanse, who accidentally saw Ning Que's note and hurried water pearl to grind it. He also copied it on the spot. When Ning Que came home, Sang Sang burned his bathwater and tried to rub his back. Yanse copied countless copies. Water pearl felt like Ning Que, but yanse felt she could not master the essence of Ning Que calligraphy. He was also curious about Ning Que.

The next morning, she came to the college and learned that Ning Que could not practice. He felt it a pity and had to leave. Yu urged Ning Que not to do things against the sky, otherwise it would be counterproductive, because Ning Que was not suitable for cultivation at all, but he did not want to give up and wanted to try again. Ning Que opened a book named wu shan-yang on the great sword. He suddenly felt the ground shaking and he could not stand. He fell into a trance in an open field. When Ning Que woke up, he carefully realized the meaning of the book. He had to admire the people in the book and felt resentful and complained about the injustice of hao tian Lord. He wrote down these words.

Ning Que and dried tangerine or orange peel skin to continue correspondence, both independent and exam questions each other, dried tangerine or orange peel skin itself is a genius, also be Ning Que tricky subject difficult, he brood all day, also didn't work out that problem, Ning Que also feel dried tangerine or orange peel skin fun, home to Sang Sang about his, feel dried tangerine or orange peel skin is a poor wretched man, must be a woman been hurt, dried tangerine or orange peel skin back to Ning Que a prescription, he let Sang Sang quietly gave him medicine buy Fried to eat.

Ning Que also answer not dried tangerine or orange peel skin problems, he is not willing to, want to use the magic spell playing god for, to begin to understand, on the road to spiritual practice, dried tangerine or orange peel skin warned him that he is not allowed to mention the magic, otherwise will be orthodox factions after all over the world, dried tangerine or orange peel skin of Ning Que also dare not, he actually can understand the word eight method, fear that he will accidentally drop encompass, dried tangerine or orange peel skin is curious about this element had never pen Pal, also inquire about his home do you have any sisters, Ning Que ShiYanXiangGao toward him, when he learned that his pen Pal was instantly a xiling genius dried tangerine or orange peel skin, Deeply unconvinced, two people through the letter told their own lives.

Ning Que built small tea came to the lake again, yan weed out carefully for his tea, tea, also to Ning Que about his situation, fifteen years ago, he was a military instrument appraisal division, he saw at first glance that Ning Que a ju, straightforward said Zhang Yiqi sudden death street, power boxing suicide and he can't get away, yan clear let Ning Que with ju to meet before dawn, Ning Que pleaded guilty to this, yan clear written for xuanwei general Lin admitted that the three letters of trusted insurgent letters from his hand, He didn't get much use for it, so he quit his job and set up a small teahouse near the lake.

From the moment he stepped into the lake, Ning Que felt a huge pressure, so he decided that yan qing was a great mechanic, and yan qing also felt that Ning Que was not easy to deal with.Long the Qing back to the ducal palace, see the display is still here, but now things, could not help thinking that he and chongming into Tang Guo variety, mixed feelings in my heart, Long the Qing just want to leave, the prince stopped him, Long the Qing poured out the inner distress to his father, Wei GuangMing shrugged off him and trusted coaxed to him, and declare only the Fu Zi is the most capable person in the world, decided to Long the Qing to Tang Guo, Go to college to worship Fu Zi as teacher.

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