Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep22:Ning Que is caught in a dilemma in the face of selection and king of tang himself summons Ning Que

Yanse fought for it Ning Que , and yellow crane argued, yan was also out of qing-shan li token, in the name of heaven way south gate science question, yellow crane called yellow crane to one side and to define their own ideas, yellow crane are less willing to Ning Que, yan furious with anger, insisted on snatching Ning Que, he trained rune, yellow crane resolute don't compromise, yan was deliberately fron't possible.

Long Qing However, he was defeated by Ning Que without any belief. As Long Qing was not satisfied, he wanted to see what was hidden in Ning Que. Li peiyan spares no criticism, on the spot proposed a method of the best of both worlds, let Long Qing into the second floor to do Fu Zi I am the disciple of Ning Que who is the disciple of yan se. Yan se raised his hands in approval and promised to give all he had to teach Ning Que well. Huang he firmly disagreed.

Yan was devoted to king talks to Ning Que do a disciple, yan, for by strength to achieve, he use law character, devoted to break easily, yan was admitted to Ning Que trained rune, and the future of buddhist Tang Guo, jun devoted to decide an inch, agreed to let Ning Que do rune, and Fu Zi already expect this result, think such as Ning Que smoothly on college, on the second floor to do yan's apprentice, but the most important thing is to respect the Ning Que choice, Yanse was deeply moved by Fu Zi's profound sense of justice.

Ning Que woke up in a daze and found himself in a strange place. He thought he was hallucinating and shouted in a hurry Sang Sang Mr Sang Sang confirmed that he had won the battle and was now on the second floor of the college. Li Peiyan summoned Ning Que, let him to make a choice, promised to make him Tang Guo next buddhist, Ning Que recognized that he was responsible for in the general case, Lin hatred immediately come to mind in his heart, he realized that not yet, have to crush hatred in your heart, Ning Que statement to follow Fu Zi's decision, and then off with it.

For a moment, Ning Que did not know how to choose, so he came to Chen PI PI for discussion. Chen PI put forward the idea that he could be the first disciple of Fu Zi as well as the first disciple of yan se.College students congratulations Ning Que win, smooth on second floor, as well as misunderstandings to apologize to him, before xie carriage wanted to go back to south jin, and Ning Que farewell, Ning Que encourage everyone to keep the quality of the proud, yan and yellow crane then, yan was the Ning Que's comments, to accept him as a ACTS, let him tomorrow to report to heaven that science south gate to Ning Que kindness with insistent, had to allow.

The king of tang sent father Lin to the academy to look for Ning Que, and asked him for advice on the last sentence of "blossoming the other shore sky". Ning Que asked him to send Sang Sang back to his family. He quickly took off all the calligraphy works on the wall, so that Sang Sang could keep them well. Cheng asked li peiyan to get rid of Ning Que, and li peiyan immediately made a careful deployment.

Ning Que wanted to ask the king of tang to avenge the family of general Lin, but did not know in what capacity to meet the king of tang. Father Lin detailed the rules in the palace to him, and declared that the king of tang was the most kind and enlightened monarch. The king of tang warmly welcomed Ning Que and felt very kind to meet him. The king of tang also wanted to be Fu Zi's personal disciple, but Fu Zi succeeded him to the throne. The king of tang sat down with Ning Que and opened his heart to him. Li Yu Seeing that they had a good chat, I couldn't help but feel happy. Li Yu claimed that when he met Ning Que for the first time, he thought he was special.

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