Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep7:Chao XiaoShu Ning Que spring breeze ting war ichthyosaur is the king of tang

Chao XiaoShu Standing still, Ning Que Chao XiaoShu returned with the intention to fight back and save Ning Que. The two men smiled at each other and walked in the heavy rain. Chao XiaoShu suddenly fell to the ground and seemed to be under some control, suffering terribly. Ning Que looked up and saw a carriage coming in the rain. Without driving the carriage, Ning Que shot arrows continuously into the wagon, but the arrows seemed to fall into the sea. Kingsly within the carriage just walked out of the chamber, don't forget to fall to nail, Chao XiaoShu kingsly yourself that you are not just rivals, let Ning Que hurriedly escape, Ning Que will not escape into kingsly slightly, slightly kingsly a finger will fly out Ning Que, at the same time also satirize Ning Que is a mere mortal, does not deserve to die under his hand. Do you have any last words from Chao XiaoShu? Chao XiaoShu not language, but rather a systemic strength morphs into a sword stab to kingsly light slightly, slightly kingsly counterattack Chao XiaoShu, ready to take his life, suddenly shows in Chao XiaoShu and Ning Que of appeared in front of a "character" well block kingsly slightly attack, and counter the kingsly slightly, slightly black-and-blue kingsly flustered, yan she appeared on the streets, kingsly kneeling, a little busy for mercy, by yan was away. Ning Que also recognized yanse was the person selling the sugar gourd that day, and asked Chao XiaoShu if this person was the bottom card in his mouth, but why he appeared so late. Chao XiaoShu claimed that his bottom card was a person, but he could not command, but refused to tell Ning Que who it was.

At the same time, yanse went back with wang jingzhi because he could not bear to kill him. But let wang jing omitted the service of general xu, and also told him that wang jingliang was the meaning of the noble man in the palace. Wang jing was shocked to find out that he was the patron behind Chao XiaoShu. Yan jing waved his hand to stop wang jinglu from naming the man.

Three zones people stopped Cui Delu Sagittarius, often fighting men together, HuaShanYue and then into the Cui Delu surrounded, who questioned Cui Delu was, Cui Delu scold tang dynasty are straw bag, he persuaded the prince in their good things to each other without notice, Tang Guo doomed to perish, long live the ducal Cui Delu shouted to suicide.

Chongming soon knew that the patron behind Chao XiaoShu was the king of tang dynasty. He hated the war of yan and tang. He vowed to revenge.

He told li peiyan that he could turn a blind eye, but he should not use the army against Chao XiaoShu, because Chao XiaoShu is his man. Li peiyan expressed that he was not satisfied. Although he held the sword of the son of heaven, it was the king of tang who sat on the throne. It was thought that li peiyan must be the future son of heaven, but because Fu Zi One sentence decided that li zhongyi would become the king of the tang dynasty, and li peiyan only had a sword of the son of heaven. , tangwangshan Li Peiyan had told Li Peiyan when Fu Zi asked his son of heaven's sword even whether a scrap sword, even Li Peiyan firmly to the emperor's sword, and Fu Zi see Li Peiyan hard to succeed is up for re-election Li Zhongyi tangwangshan, cry Li Peiyan pretended madness holding sword, tang king feel sorry not punish Li Peiyan.

Chao XiaoShu told Ning Que that he would be the envy of the whole world after tonight, because he was the most powerful man in the tang dynasty. And I will recognize Ning Que as my brother from now on. When Chao XiaoShu left, he told Ning Que that someone would send two thousand taels of silver tomorrow. Chao XiaoShu said he only wanted five hundred taels. The hectoring reply must be given to two thousand. At the same time, Ning Que was forced to follow him to meet a person.

Long Qing Looking at the clouds gathering in the sky, I cannot help but sigh that the prediction that night will come is true.

The next day, Ning Que was brought to the palace by his father-in-law to be honest and wait until he met someone. Ning Que asked who he wanted to see, but his father-in-law left, and Ning Que went around curiously and entered a huge palace. On the record, he saw the ink, ink and ink on the paper and ink and ink on the inkstone, but he couldn't help shaking his head when he saw the words on the paper. The playful Ning Que sat in a giant dragon chair, smiling and happy. At this time, in the imperial court, the king of tang scolded his subordinates for being a group of waste firewood, and at the same time, he also asked wang jing to polish properly with xu shi. It was because he was a talent that he could save his life. Talents must be used by the country, rather than become a tool for someone to crush.

The king of tang knew that li peiyan was the mastermind behind all this, but because li peiyan was the only family member who could not be executed, he claimed that the past was gone. On the surface, li peiyan was grateful to the king of the tang dynasty. Later, the king of the tang dynasty continued to curse and scold several times, all of which were waste wood.Xu chongshan, head of the bodyguard, found Ning Que writing in the imperial study of the king of tang, and immediately pulled it out. He told Ning Que not to tell anything about entering here today, and kept scolding Chao XiaoShu for sending it in again without knowing the rules of Taoism. When xu heard Ning Que always called Chao XiaoShu the elder brother, he told him to help Chao XiaoShu to be the second oldest. Chao XiaoShu asked him who the eldest brother was. Xu pointed to heaven.

The king of tang told the public that he did not think about the ichthyosaur help to take the business of transportation, and did not think about how he would have the ability without the people above him, and the real boss of ichthyosaur was him.

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