Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep1:hades will die overnight alone and escape

Haotian world, time turns, every thousand years, Pluto comes into the world, darkness falls into the extreme cold, everything is exhausted, is for eternal night.

Between heaven and earth there is vigour, only a few people can perceive tiandi vitality with the idea, is a practitioner. The path of cultivation has the initial state, the perception, the unpuzzled, the cave mystery, the destiny and other states. One of the most profound is Fu Zi Shameless (Adam Cheng).

The world's practitioners are from several major sects, haotian daofu haotian, the establishment of a divine order in the western mausoleum world; He was separated from haotian dao, believed that the god of the underworld was not allowed, and was banished to the north wasteland. Tian qing zong, to stay in one corner of the world, shun the world penance, to understand the vitality of heaven and earth; Fu Zi, who experienced a rising night, built a academy in datang, which was respected all over the world. The academy has always been a place of miracles; The monastic masters of the four sects, who know their fate, are hidden in the unknown, with a view, a temple, a gate and a second floor.

Fifteen years ago, the siling bright god official affirmed that the son of hades came into the world in the capital of the tang dynasty, causing a violent storm. Fifteen years later, the linnets, who guarded the capital of the tang dynasty for thousands of years, woke up late at night, unknown places of unknown people, holding the prophecy, waiting for this world disaster. Weicheng young girls will eventually leave, who can rewrite the impermanence of haotian destiny.

Long, long ago there were many unknowable places, and in those unknowable places there were many unknowable people. Ants and the goshawk are in the same space, in the eyes of the goshawk, ants are just black dots, but there are always a few maverick, not willing to this, adversity to survive, the world will be different.

This is the world of haotian and the world of haotian. Legend has it that every thousand years, haotian will launch eternal night. In the first year of the apocalypse, various sects sent skywalker to find the trail of the god of the underworld: to know and observe the world walk ye qing, heaven and heaven to live in the world walk seven thoughts, the devil to live in the world walk tang, college Mr. Li ManMan The four were on a mission to find the trail of hades.

In the fifteen years since the dawn of time, a line of men has suddenly appeared in the boundless desert. Come to the book is covered with a face to sleep Ning Que In front of him (Chen Feiyu) flies over a gun and sticks it right next to him. It is the old soldier who guards the border with Ning Que and the other brothers.Ning Que picked up the books and jumped on the horse, quickly catching up with the others. Unexpectedly, Ning Que's men were suddenly ambushed by a group of men.

Two years ago, the king of golden account was in the middle of the wilderness and the kingdom of tang Li Yu (Tanya) marries shan yu. In the fifteenth year of the apocalypse, he died suddenly, because the gold account ordered his wife to be buried with him. The maid died in the half summer instead of Li Yu.

When Li Yu was in danger, lu qingchen, a scholar of the king of the tang dynasty, arrived at the imperial court in time to shoot all the pursuers with flying swords. He rescued the princess Li Yu, and then hurried to weicheng with Li Yu.

Ning Que returned to the residence alone and everyone was excited, the maid of Ning Que Sang Sang S (S.S.I. reine) took the lead, and the concern was palpable. Ning Que brought back a lizard named sunspot to match its brothers.

Xiling temple, the debate began, first came the prince of the state of yan Long Qing (played by Zujun Sun), the director of oracle college, the god of heaven, is in charge of the topic, and the deputy director of oracle college, cheng lixue, is in charge. According to the director's remarks on flying ants, Long Qing's eyes were arrogant and looked down upon the smallness of ants. He thought that even winged flying ants could not fly to high altitude and would eventually fall down, even though they were not qualified to be food for goshawks. The dean argues that there are always a few maverick ants climbing over the dead leaves to look at the blue sky, but it is because of the sky that Long Qing seems to be more afraid. Dean asked Long the Qing ever afraid to Long the Qing mind instantly back to when I was a child, once saw elder brother died in front, his father made his mother's life may not be Long to the Qing xiling study the yogi, only in this way can strong enough to protect the vicinities, and this, Long of the Qing in the mind is full of fear, but still arrogant answer never fear. Long Qing claimed that he was never afraid because he believed in the light, believing that the light would shine on the earth and that the sky would remain forever. Lu chenjia, the princess of the ring of the moon, watched Long Qing's movements silently.

When Long Qing finished his studies, people in the hall of light hoped that Long Qing would stay here, and Long Qing said that he was very willing to stay.They told Long Qing that if he wanted to stay in the west ling, he would have to pass the examination of the three companies. And irony to Long the Qing is sophistry of the hand cannot, at this point, the light of the temple of officer came to rebuke Locke nameless god not entitled to things of the temple of light, also will be unable to expect, and argues that Long the Qing is good, can enter the temple of light practice, and to punish the rock, and instead, Long the Qing promised to willing to accept the three division evaluation, and in spite of the disaster, determined to participate in the examination.

Li Yu went to the minshan station to find the leader, general ma, posing as his maid mei shu, and asked general ma to help choose a guide to the minshan to return to the capital. "Eyebrow shu" came to a place, hear the Ning Que and foot soldiers who drink building-would, drinkers' wager game is rude to shout the princess of words, and Sang Sang in the busy busy outside wait upon, these behaviors are very angry, "eyebrow shu" waved whip will play Ning Que, be Ning Que out outside a lizard scare, foot soldiers told "eyebrow shu" is the guide.

Long Qing came to see the great god of light in the prison cell of youge, xiling Wei GuangMing (Ni Dahong) Wei GuangMing tells Long Qing that the son of the underworld descends to the world and will arrive in the night. Long Qing says to look for the son of the underworld immediately. The nameless thought Long Qing is the son of light, will certainly bring light to the temple of light, Wei GuangMing head will not tell nameless forever night will arrive, there will be no light.

Palm taught heard Long the Qing went to the deep and remote cabinet have some worry, ruling a great god officer mo yu persuade palm need not worry, Wei GuangMing will be locked in the deep and remote cabinet, for today is already 15 years in captivity, and Long the Qing to illegally forbidden area, should give some lessons, let him understand that teaching is the true owner of palm taught tell mo yu, he is not master, heaven is the science, against heaven of science will be ruling.

General ma went to Ning Que to inform him that the return receipt had arrived and allowed him to go to the academy, but it was up to him whether he could pass the exam. It would also let him go with a VIP, but Ning Que didn't want to leave now, and thought it was still two months before the examination. General ma ordered him to leave. Ning Que saw it and started to play hard and soft again. He didn't want to leave. The reason was that he didn't want to die. Ning Que analyzed that the king of the golden accounts only just died, and the carriage was full of the marks of being shot by bows and arrows, and the maid mei shu's complexion was pale, which indicated that mei shu was a princess. As long as the princess was alive, he was constantly killing each other, so he followed him to death. General ma told Ning Que's escort was lu qingchen. Upon hearing the name, Ning Que immediately changed its original intention and agreed to go with him.

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