Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep15:Ning Que is blessed to ventilate the sea and snow mountain.

Ning Que Learned that Sang Sang He vowed to repay him. He wanted to know how Ning Que was injured. He also guessed that he dared not go home.

Dried tangerine or orange peel skin is exposed to Ning Que who killed jian YanSuQing, and she let the linnet moved nameless fire, Ning Que have to admire his SJMS, guess he is the heir to the xiling, also made fun of his too fat, dried tangerine or orange peel skin was annoyed to death, Ning Que remind him not to reveal their own things out, dried tangerine or orange peel skin repeatedly regretted tongtian pill for him. Tie ying soon found out that yan had met Ning Que before his death, and he also had a small maid called Sang Sang.

Long Qing Say goodbye to lu chenjia, who firmly believed that his trip to the tang dynasty would be successful. Ye HongYu Seeing Long Qing and lu chenjia, on the pretext that they disturbed her reading, she was arrogant and disrespectful to them. Long Qing argued with her and was satirized by Ye HongYu. Lu chenjia was very angry and just wanted to draw his sword to each other.

Folk wisdom Li Yu The hard life, only then causes six princes to be ill for a long time not to heal, thanks to the tang king to press down these rumors, hua shan yue vowed to guard at Li Yu's side, never allowed anyone to hurt her, Li hui yuan overheard this news inadvertently, to six princes hate the bones. He wants to save some money to marry Ning Que's wife. Seeing how poor Ning Que looks, he has to buy it for him.

Later that night, li hui yuan asked li Ming for a laxative, so he could make him promise to take the medicine. Li Ming was still worried, so he put a pill into his mouth. As long as li hui kept secret, li Ming agreed to give him the antidote.bookish Mo ShanShan She loved calligraphy. She devoted herself to writing with her eyes covered. The teacher praised her calligraphy and thought she lacked life experience.

When he learned that Ning Que often brought Sang Sang to listen to music here, and Sang Sang and the girls there were very familiar with it. Xia Hou He received a letter from the military department that yan shuqing had been killed. It was determined that someone wanted to root out all those involved in the killing of general Lin. Xia Hou did not dare to snub him.

After he recovered from his injuries, he found that he was able to control the world and the world. He thoroughly got through the air sea and snow mountain. Ning Que was overjoyed, and finally he could practice. Sang Sang Sang prepared the food, the two drank and celebrated together, Ning Que to carve such an important day on the silver.

The next morning, Ning Que came to the college to thank yu shuang as soon as he arrived. Yu shuang allowed him to stay in the old book building, which gave him a chance to get through the air sea and snow mountain. Chao XiaoShu Visit south jangge Liu Bai Liu Bai's twin brother, Liu yiqing, rushed out to stop Chao XiaoShu on the pretext that Liu Bai was in closed-door training. Chao XiaoShu was not willing and decided to wait.

Ning Que came to the ichthyosaur casino with Sang Sang to prove his ability. Ning Que used the recitation to manipulate the dice. He quickly won a lot of money. Liu Bai sent Chao XiaoShu to the Tibetan sword pavilion. As soon as Chao XiaoShu tried to push the door in, he was knocked to the ground by a huge force. Liu Bai was angry and hit Chao XiaoShu with all his strength.

The king of tang took good care of the sixth son, but he still did not get better, Li Yu brought Li hui yuan to visit the sixth son, tang wang and Li Yu had something to talk about, Li hui yuan voluntarily stayed with the sixth son to play, secretly put in his medicine bowl cathartic, and personally fed him to drink. Ning Que and Sang Sang were arrested. Ning Que begged qi si and chang SAN to put Sang Sang on Chao XiaoShu's face. Qi immediately took out du fang's land deed and house deed.

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