Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep4:yan crown prince secretly manipulates to avenge Ning Que to meet zhuoer again 15 years later

Zhang Yiqi pretended to be afraid of kneeling on the ground, piteously entreated Li Peiyan expressing their loyalty, he knew that Zhang Yiqi's state of mind, these words are also Li Peiyan likes to hear, and sure enough, Li Peiyan laughter helps Li Peiyan up, claims to know his loyalty, that is the reason why recommend him, Zhang Yiqi said fiercely loyal to report immediately.

Zhang yiqi on the first day to expand the qingyun division site, under the people persuade zhang yiqi best and Chao XiaoShu Say 1, zhang yiqi however arrogant think this domain is imperial court, do not have to tell the person of yu long help. When the people of the department of transportation of the qing dynasty made great efforts to drive away the people, Chao XiaoShu came with them, and zhang's men turned around in fright. Chao XiaoShu ordered them to guard the streets, taking turns to keep guard, intending to accompany zhang yiqi for fun.

Prince Cui Delu to master the child.when Li Peiyan life Zhang Yiqi to Chao XiaoShu to things, it seems to Cui Delu Chao XiaoShu is by no means a simple swordsman, master told Cui Delu pickup, let he go to for help, if necessary can also send the yogi, kill Chao XiaoShu can let now the capital of more and more disorderly, and in this world can only have a king, that is his. The master remembered that he had been the prince of the state of yan, named chongming. As the king of the tang had personally defeated the state of yan with a large army, chongming became a hostage to pay his respects. The king of tang asked chongming on the hall whether he hated him. Chongming thought that victory and defeat were common affairs of war, and he would not hate the king of tang.

Ning Que With the Sang Sang When he entered the city, he was interrogated at the gate. However, as qi siye of the ichthyosaur gang also wanted to enter the city, the guard was respectful to him, but he could not care for Ning Que.

Ning Que and came to the city for a rosefinch door, looked up at the linnet is shaking, in front of the clouds in the sky it rained heavily, Sang Sang an umbrella up hurriedly blocked Ning Que, Ning Que suddenly feel heartache, and Sang Sang also felt strange cold, two people tightly together, all of a sudden rain flow back, the sky is a dark day seem bright, Ning Que chest pain disappeared, Sang Sang is no longer feel cold, They wondered, but did not delve into the linnet.

Thinking over the cliff, the college two Mr. Jun mo came here to see the small uncle, just in time for the big brother Li ManMan Also came here, the two people lamented the leaving of their little uncle, leaving them endless memories. It is not clear why some people want to fight against the sky. Jun mo thinks that there are not many people who can fight against their own fate just like his master and uncle. He is also looking forward to the emergence of such a person.

Ning Que came to the gate of zengfu with Sang Sang. Seeing the grass everywhere, he left. Zhuo found Ning Que secretly.

Li hui, the third prince of the tang dynasty, summoned people to sing and play shadow puppets in his room. Li Yu Come back here. Li told Li Yu that this was all for her to prepare for the shadow play, and let everyone to Li Yu performing the following, gas Li Yu to stop, berate the number of people to accompany Li yuan to play things lost, and immediately drove off all people, he was looking for an excuse to run.

Li Yu is getting ready to change his clothes. Li peiyan comes here. Li Yu and Li peiyan can not help but tear eyes to look at each other, Li peiyan heart pain Li Yu thin many, exclamation come back good. I blamed myself for not protecting Li Yu. Li Yu remember all because of the summer she will marry king gold account, at the beginning in order to prevent tangwangshan made summer, Li Yu, active request to marry to gold account however, whereas tangwangshan reprimanded for summer Li Yu, also agreed to marry her English Li Peiyan persuaded Li Yu to see tangwangshan, claiming tangwangshan years also miss Li Yu, Li Yu, but still sad think tangwangshan only summer in my heart, never had her daughter.

Summer saw that the king of tang wanted to see Li Yu, but also afraid of Li Yu still blame him, has been afraid to summon, so specially to inform the king of tang had sent a post to the past, tomorrow Li Yu will take a small pretty into the palace, the king of tang heart happy.

Drow caught up with Ning Que all the way, and the two never met in 15 years. Ning Que at drow hand leather cord remembered when I was young they were after, people have been killed in the village, the couple narrowly escaped married brother, hand leather cord is witness, Sang Sang, that is, they picked up in the way, then Sang Sang was a baby, hidden under a big umbrella to survive, because she have the marks of mulberry leaf, so to name Sang Sang, now Sang Sang is fifteen years old.

Ning Que told drow he was coming to the capital to attend college Xia Hou Come of, in those days is he take the village of tu, only the practice can defeat him. Drow told Ning Que he was coming to avenge and had Ning Que take care of Sang Sang Sang Sang. Zhuo told Ning Que that he had been following Xia Hou for a long time. He wrote down everything he did every day and knew his journey very well. Ning Que told zhuo their lives were tied together.

Li hui tormented the young son of the emperor shitai family, and did not listen to the advice of his subordinates. He claimed that he was a future monarch, especially when Li Yu returned.

Chao XiaoShu came to zhuo and asked him if he was from the army. Zhuo was shocked. He pulled out his saber and handed it to Chao XiaoShu. Chao XiaoShu suddenly laughed and told the drow, let him be a good military eyes can know fish dragon help all tell him, there has been a new drow know their identity change, a typical mission impossible, Chao XiaoShu to drow a portrait of the masked man, let him to pick out the man, drow guarantee to find the man.

Li Yu came to the palace, thinking of the childhood king of the king's love to their own, led a small pretty upright head to walk towards the palace. Li Yu come tangwangshan behind him, see he is playing with some children's toys, these are Li Yu when I was a child, tangwangshan treasure if all the time, even the Li Yu's clothes as a child, and she wrote words with a good collection of tangwangshan also have been hoping that Li Yu could grow up as the daughter of ordinary people happy, he also don't want to Li Yu still, just want to she can happy, if someone dares to bully Li Yu, he will help to Li Yu to play back, will protect Li Yu.

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