Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep19:Ning Que and Long Qing go head-to-head with Ning Que asking for questions from Chen PI PI

Hua shan soon got drunk. Li Yu He was handed down by someone. Cheng lixue was rude and Li Yu was unconvinced. Long Qing Make fun of tang people's bad drinking, Sang Sang After drinking five jars of wine in one breath, Li Yu proposed to let Long Qing compare with Sang Sang. Cheng lixue complained that Li Yu was not respectful to Long Qing and even asked a girl to compete with the emperor.

Long Qing lavished praise on Sang Sang and wanted to reward her. Cheng lixue took the opportunity to propose that Sang Sang serve Long Qing. Ning Que Opposition on the spot, Long the Qing threat will miss and his friendship, Ning Que were not, Long of the Qing and he argued, Ning Que claims to Long the Qing is not entitled to Sang Sang, even Li Yu also not line, two bickering, Ning Que is active, to Long the Qing is proposed several questions, such as if heaven has eyes, between heaven and earth can have its feet, and socks do you have any issues such as hole, Long answer up the Qing, but denied that the sock no holes, Sang Sang question on the spot, in place of, some people ridiculed, Ning Que statement Sang Sang is his maid, Long the Qing don't wishful thinking, his excellent speech made in place someone clap, Long the Qing threatened him unable to protect Sang Sang, Li Yu for Ning Que - Long Qing asked Ning Que to meet on the second floor, and Ning Que showed no weakness. She said goodbye to Li Yu and made a sarcastic comment to Long Qing.

Long Qing had no light on his face and walked out with cheng lixue. Cheng lixue suspected that Sang Sang was specially arranged by Li Yu, just to humiliate Long Qing. Long Qing sent him to look up the details of Sang Sang. Li Yu sent someone to inform Ning Que to meet on the terrace and praised him for his performance today. He also pointed out that Ning Que did not care about his poor popularity in the college. Li Yu wanted to let Ning Que climb on the second floor, but could not let Long Qing's conspiracy succeed.

Chongming did not want Long Qing to climb on the second floor, so he discussed with Li Yu about the strategy. He preferred to be disloyal to his brother and get the throne he wanted. He also encouraged Li Yu to fight for Li hui at all costs.

In the early morning, Ning Que gave Chen PI a belt for a big breakfast. He asked him to help beat Long Qing. He wanted Chen PI to reveal the examination questions for him. Fu Zi What I want to see is the character of the students, so that Ning Que keeps its heart, and as long as it does things perfectly, it can be recognized by Fu Zi. Chen PI PI was the second floor without examination in that year, Ning Que wrote down one by one.

He did not want to go back to the army camp. Li Yu saw that he was battered and heartbroken. He called the huashan mountain to be held accountable.

Ning Que couldn't sleep, tomorrow was the exam on the second floor of the college, but he didn't have any confidence. Sang Sang urged him to save his strength and firmly believed that he could become Fu Zi's disciple, avenging zhuo and defending the general's house. When chongming and Long Qing said goodbye to each other, the brothers could not help saying the death of the congress. Long Qing advised chongming not to be desperate for Li Yu, but he could not let go of Li Yu.

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