Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep25:Long Qing worship master for teacher ren judicing master Ning Que studies runes from yan se

Sang Sang , water pearl and grass work together to sell yan se copy Ning Que Chicken soup, quickly sold out, they immediately make a lot of money, Sang Sang the 631 separate accounting are put forward, a beat two scattered, otherwise ShuiZhuEr, quick to promise and Ning Que that piece of chicken soup for an original also Sang Sang, Sang Sang don't read, let ShuiZhuEr help to read it, and let her read a lot of times in a row, Sang Sang experience carefully Ning Que between the lines of care and t-shirts, flattered her.

Ning Que by yan she scribbles, yan to give him some operators for reference, let him feel slowly between heaven and earth reiki, Ning Que impatient for success, and he cannot wait, the painting the operator take back the old pen zhai carefully read all the books, Ning Que inadvertently found that yan was copy a lot of his chicken soup, guess is help Sang Sang and ShuiZhuEr to earn extra money. Shangguan yangyu was ordered to investigate Ning Que was kidnapped, he urged Lin zero to leave the capital, go back to Xia Hou Me.

Tangwangshan deliberately ShangGuanYangYu freed Lin zero, don't want to embarrassed in the summer, more don't want to Ning Que kidnapped things make known, in the panic, although after many years, tangwangshan of general Lin Guangyuan a dead also can't let go, he always can't believe the general Lin collaboration of treason, suffer from cannot find evidence, tangwangshan more don't want to because this matter spread to Xia Hou and summer, summer coaxed to him, advise him to cherish the present day.

As soon as chongming returned to the state of yan, he came to see the king of yan at once Li Yu To bring down the business for many years after congress, the prince learned that chongming back to personal bodyguard and Li Yu, is compelled him to kill guards, otherwise the chongming as subaltern, frontier in exile, chongming just want to sword, unexpectedly unexpectedly and assassinate the prince guards, chongming will kill guards, the prince severely lesson the chongming, let him forget early Li Yu, also let him write to Li Yu, promised to let the chongming ducal succession to the throne, prince also let chongming pay more attention to Ning Que, win him over to yan.

Long Qing When he returned to the guangming temple of taoshan, the master took him on the spot as an apprentice, and wanted to inform haotian world that he was the judge, so that he could personally execute the remaining party of the magic emperor. However, the four men refused to tell their accomplices and challenged Long Qing publicly. Long Qing had to kill them all. Long Qing did not come to look for lu chenjia, so lu chenjia had to come to the adjudication department to look for him Fu Zi Lu chenjia tried to persuade him not to ask for things that did not belong to him. Long Qing felt that she did not understand her and left without turning back in anger.

Ning Que stayed up all night studying divination books, but she could not get to the point and could not understand the mystery and mystery. Sang Sang was worried about his devotion, but Ning Que still did not want to give up. The next morning, Ning Que was still studying hard, and Sang Sang hurried to prepare breakfast for him. Ning Que specially bought breakfast from bishengju for five and eight senior brothers. Mu You When I ran into him, I fixed Ning Que there with a silver needle, grabbed the breakfast and started to devour it. Ning Que could do nothing about it.

Li Yu called Sang Sang to the princess's house, dressed her up, and made Sang Sang his dry sister, Sang Sang thought he was not worthy of Li Yu, but Li Yu decided to call her his sister in private, Sang Sang flattered, she could not help complaining that Ning Que did not have time to accompany him. Ning Que brought the only dumpling left to brother five and brother eight. They divided the dumpling skins and dumpling fillings and forced Ning Que to play chess. Ning Que, knowing that she was not her opponent, fled in fear.

Ning Que was so tired that brother xi wanted to argue with him. Ning Que ran away quickly. Li huiyuan stole back from the barracks, he saw Sang Sang, was deeply attracted by her pure and lovely appearance, Li Yu hurried Li huiyuan to the study. As soon as Ning Que escaped, she was pulled by nine and ten senior brothers to enjoy their new music. Ning Que complained so much that she ran away with excuses. Ning Que tired to return to the old pen zhai, did not expect yan se has been waiting for a long time, yan se in the repair gate, Sang Sang hurried to prepare dinner.

Li mingchi personally boiled tonic for li qingshan, li qingshan felt that he was not qualified enough, character is too warm, there is no ability to replace the position of national teacher, li mingchi would rather serve li qingshan to the old, li qingshan promised to find a good future for him.Yan se took Ning Que to travel around the city and outside of the city, and patiently taught him the experience and know-how of painting, so that he could feel the vitality of all things in the world. Ning Que learned very carefully and kept all these in mind.

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