Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep34:to prevent the three elders from harming li huiyuan, the king of tang, who volunteered his life to protect the summer.

Sang Sang Day and night miss Ning Que Hoping for his early return Sang Sang decided to follow him Wei GuangMing Learn divinity, you can protect Ning Que later. Ning Que and Mo ShanShan Get rid of the horse thief, regain food and grass, they gallop horse whip to the base camp, Mo ShanShan almost exhausted all the mental strength, she wants to stay where she is.

Summer in the palace to do careful arrangement, not only increase the many guards, also sent to the archer, maid-in-waiting suddenly to report, the prince of amber suddenly disappeared, immediately sent around looking for summer, she came to three elders live directly, see amber on the back of his talking and laughing happily, three elders remind summer to take good care of amber, because his veins in particular, if we can grow up safe and sound, will do something great summer forbid him to play the idea of amber, hurriedly take amber away. < / p > < p > summer reminded amber not to see the three elders, amber followed the three elders to learn the song of the desolate, but also told the three elders li huiyuan gave him laxative.

Mo ShanShan a copy when you have time Ning Que chicken soup, even rice to eat, please the teacher elder sister action of China Ning Que brought Mo ShanShan roast chicken, Mo ShanShan let female cat to eat the other disciple, also easy to Ning Que about college. Mr Appearance, Ning Que heart secretly pleased, he deliberately to own chicken stock picking, say nothing, also directly throw on the ground, Mo ShanShan immediately become angry from embarrassment, She did not allow anyone to speak against Mr. Thirteen of the academy, but Ning Que did everything possible to speak against her idol, Mo ShanShan angry no longer talk to him.

< / p > < p > xu chongshan suddenly found that the three elders disappeared, the summer directly took him to find li huiyuan, concluded that the three elders to find his revenge. Li Hui circle is cleaning arms drill field, only to be with magic, he struggled hard, fell heavily to the ground and be summer quickly came to stop, three elders vowed to kill Li Hui round revenge for amber, wielding a weapon attack Li Hui round, he used to read force Li Hui circle left hide right shine, stabbed Li Hui jianfeng seemed almost circular, in time, thanks to summer Li Hui round to survive.

Li Yu < / p > < p > with hua shanyue and Li mingchi to barracks, Li mingchi recognized three elders on the spot, Li Yu reminded Li Yu as long as he caught him, you can expose the true identity of the summer, but Li Yu only concerned about the safety of Li huiyuan, hurried to the martial field with hua shanyue, Li mingchi had to leave. < / p > < p > three elders see this scene, can not help but worry about summer mother and son, but in summer as long as the support of the king of tang is enough, three elders complained that her heart is too soft, let her persuade the king of tang as soon as possible to allow people to move south, or he will go directly to the king of tang theory, summer does not allow him to act rashly, promised to do their best to help.

< / p > < p > Li huiyuan was beaten black and blue, Li Yu worried, immediately took Li huiyuan back to the princess house, did not think that Li huiyuan and people plot, he was in pain, Li Yu quickly sent someone to find a doctor. Ning Que got the news that the xiling allied forces had been defeated successively by the barren people, who had retreated to the north of the abandoned mountain. The elders of the barren people proposed the request for peace talks. Mo ShanShan was very happy that they finally did not have to fight. At this time, lu chenjia sent to find Mo ShanShan in the past to catch up, Mo ShanShan excuse to escort grain and grass, let lu chenjia personally to see. < / p > < p > summer back to the palace to find the king of tang, but he went to the military headquarters and soldiers to discuss the countermeasures of the wilderness battle, summer heart uneasy, do not know the outcome.

Ning Que expresses her favor to Mo ShanShan, Mo ShanShan clearly states that she already has someone she likes. Ning Que quickly explains that this is just a way for tang people to express their feelings. He casually asks about lu chenjia and learns that she is in love with him Long Qing , Ning Que to Long the Qing is great, Mo ShanShan suspect horse goals but not clothe herself, thank you very much Ning Que help, also ask his operational methods and to win the secret of the two militaries, Ning Que affectionately taught to her own experience and escape, Mo ShanShan is a good laugh at him, not to ask about his childhood, Ning Que recalls that of childhood memories, suddenly feel dejected, quietly left.

Sang Sang Sang told Wei GuangMing a lot of interesting things about Ning Que when he was young. Wei GuangMing was curious to know what would happen after they came to the capital city, but Sang Sang kept silent and the two of them had a good drink and played handball. Wei GuangMing was happy like a child. Mo ShanShan returned to the camp, still day and night copy chicken soup post, lu chenjia suddenly sent messengers to please Mo ShanShan must go to talk, Mo ShanShan had to go to the appointment.

Cada ng squat down in the river, with river water carefully watering a far north snow lotus, Mo ShanShan pointing the finger of xiling soldiers to die, cada ng explained her disciple is day yu yuan, but also helpless, Mo ShanShan claim to school sister rabbit son died in a gun horse, cada ng is not interested in, also said he never angry, Mo ShanShan do mind she burned, cada ng heart-broken, she USES the body's resurrection from the snow lotus, word of mouth to say Long the Qing like now of she, Mo ShanShan retorted against her, satirize her brain stupid, but also deliberately in front of his show of love, lu chenjia think Mo ShanShan has changed, are affected by the academy disciple, Mo ShanShan confessed.

Shucheng general defeated the desert, but still depressed, he led the team through the city of tuyang, Xia Hou Actually avoid and disappear, shu cheng heart is very unhappy. < / p > < p > three elders have not waited until the summer answer, he came directly to the palace and the king of tang, want to get a promise, summer hard exhortation, block by every means, three elders insisted on seeing the king of tang, summer vowed to do their best to protect the king of tang, three elders use magic zong gongfa, summer with the devil dance and he fought, he was knocked to the ground. < / p > < p > the king of tang immediately took the team to save the summer, the king of tang put forward as long as the three elders put the summer, can agree to all his conditions, but the three elders want the life of the king of tang, the king of tang volunteered to drop the sword in his hand, to use his life for the life of the summer, did not expect the three elders suddenly back out, want to kill the summer again.

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